PLANCHA HARMONY Multifunction raclette, grill and plancha for convivial meals
  • 3 functions: raclette, grill, plancha

Gourmet 8 Harmony, fun cooking for everyone!

With Gourmet 8 Harmony, discover discover the best of Grill, Plancha and Raclette at the same time. This multifunction Raclette  comes with 8 non-stick pans for fun evenings with your friends! It's also very convenient as you can use it as a grill and griddle if you wish. The Raclette is also very easy to use thanks to the heating indicator Thermo-Spot that tells you when you can start cooking. In addition,  its Prometal coating makes it 3 times more resistant than the standard TEFAL non-stick coating, for maximum safety and strengh.

A convenient and elegant raclette to share your meals with friends and family.
  • Thermo-Spot®: turns solid red when the appliance is perfectly preheated and ready to cook

  • Can be used by 8 people at the same time

  • PROMETAL coating: 3 times more resistant than the standard TEFAL non-stick coating

  • Non-stick pans: durable, resistant and easy to clean

Main Function Raclette  
Removable plates    
Thermo-Spot® indicator    
Removable Cord    
Non stick coating Yes  

Instructions & Manual
Frequent questions
After use, switch off and disconnect your appliance, wait until fully cooled before cleaning.
The body of the appliance and the reflector can be wiped with a sponge and washing-up liquid. Don't use a metallic scourer or scouring powder. Never immerse in water.
The heating coil shouldn't be cleaned. If it is really dirty, wait until it has cooled down and wipe with a dry cloth.
Depending on its porosity, each stone is more or less waterproof. If you place the stone in water, it could crack or break when it is next heating. The stone can be wiped with a sponge but avoid use of detergent.
Never put the stone in the dishwasher or immerse in water.
After following the instructions in the user manual for starting the appliance, make sure that your electrical socket is working by plugging another appliance. If it still does not work, do not try to dismantle or repair the appliance yourself and take it to an approved repair centre.
Do not use your appliance. To avoid any danger, have it replaced by an approved repair centre.
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Find more detailed information in the Guarantee section of this website.
Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. Leave it at a local civic waste collection point.