Innovation is our DNA

Since the first tests carried out by Marc Grégoire in the late 1950s, Tefal has constantly evolved and is now a world leader, not only in non-stick frying pans, our flagship product launched to great acclaim in 1956, but also in many other cooking products and small electrical appliances.

The recipe for our success: constant innovation. With Tefal, we have always striven to listen to consumers and anticipate changes in your lifestyles in order to offer products suited to your needs.

1956 – Our non-stick frying pan

Our dear Marc Grégoire patents the “non-stick frying pan” in 1954. Our innovative concept involves a process used to fix PTFE, a material with non-stick properties, to an aluminum disk. The result is a totally non-stick pan that makes cooking simple and enjoyable.
Marc Grégoire opens his first factory in Sarcelles in the Paris suburbs and chooses the brand name Tefal. This factory has produced 100 frying pans a day in its first year.

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1996 – Our Ingenio range and its removable handle

At Tefal, we launched “Ingenio”, our range of kitchen utensils with an ingenious system of removable handles which facilitates your storage.

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2000 – Thermo-Spot, our heat indicator

In 2000, Tefal has created a new innovation for our frying pans: the Thermo-Spot. This heat indicator changes its aspect depending on the temperature of the pan.
With this new tool, you can now see when the pan has reached the right temperature to ensure a perfect cooking results.

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2006 – ActiFry, our first oiless deep fryer

Our family-format fryer ActiFry enables anyone who loves food to prepare fries and other meals with just one spoonful of oil!
Supplied with a book of recipes overflowing with practical dietary tips, this versatile appliance can also be used for more elaborate recipes.

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2012 – Freemove, our cordless steam iron

For a total freedom of movement, discover our cordless iron!
The agile Freemove is completely cable free. It’s the slimline base, which you can physically attach to your ironing board, that plugs into the wall and charges the iron.

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