TEFAL Freemove FV9970

Freemove FV9970 The First Powerful Cordless iron by Tefal. Break free from the cord! With auto-off
  • Ironing results equivalent to that of a classical 2600W corded iron*.
*compared to Tefal/Calor FV5211. Ironing quality tested by an independant laboratory

Break free from the cord with Freemove!

Many of us can become frustrated because of the cord whilst doing our ironing. The wire can become tangled in the linen, be way too short or get in the way.

With Freemove, the first powerful cordless iron by Tefal, enjoy all the freedom of movement of a cordless iron without compromise on performance.
The Freemove allows you to reach the end of the ironing board without worrying that the cord is too short or that it is going to wrinkle clothes that have already been ironed.
At 2600W, it offers ironing results equivalent to that of a classical corded iron*.

Ultra Powerful:
  • Performance:Its Steam-on-Demand trigger and powerful shot of steam up to 180g/min help eliminate stubborn creases.
  • Excellent steam distribution with holes all over the soleplate.

Unique cordless technology:

  • Effortless: The horizontal base ensures an effortless ironing experience : no need to lift the iron as you slide the iron back in place in one smooth motion. it is higly ergonomic thanks to the world exclusive shock absorber technology.
  • Practical: The intuitive control panel lets you know when you need to recharge.
  • Quick Recharge : As you re-adjust the position of your clothes, the iron's already charged and you're set to go!
  • Easyfixx of the base to ensure maximum stability and comfort while ironing.

Convenient & Durable:

  • Long Lasting glideability : The Gliss/Glide protect Autoclean Soleplate needs no maintenance, doesn't get dirty in times which preserves its exceptional glide over time.
  • Easy : Its Automatic Steam function adjusts the ideal amount of steam and temperature necessary for each type of fabric chosen.
  • A double anti-drip system ensures that no matter what, no drips will stain your clothes.
  • Long lasting: The double anti-calc system helps eliminate scale.
  • Safe : with security auto-off, the iron switches-off automatically when not used or fallen.

*compared to Tefal/Calor FV5211. Ironing quality tested by an independant laboratory


  • No cord: freedom of movement

  • Great ironing results: 180g shot of steam to easily remove stubborn creases

  • GlideProtect Autoclean solepalte for long lasting glideability 

  • Powerful steam tip for easy crease removal

  • An effective anti-drip system to protect the linen

  • Large water spout for easy refilling

  • Auto-off function for more safety

Power 2600  W
Continuous steam output 35g/  g/min
Steam boost 180  g/min
Vertical Steam    
Setting of steam & temperature Automatic steam  
Soleplate Technology Gliss / GlideProtect  
Glideability of soleplate *****  
Durability of soleplate / scratch resistance *****  
Precision Tip    
Continuous steam diffusion Tip, side and heart  
Ergonomic steam trigger    
Comfort Handle    
Water tank capacity 0.25  L
Water tank capacity 250  ml
Water filling hole Extra Large  
Anti-drip Double anti-drip  
LED control panel    
Power cord length 1,80  m
Anti scale function Integrated anti-scale and Anti-scale setting  
Colours Red and metalic spray cover  

Instructions & Manual
Frequent questions

No, leave the iron to cool down before putting it away and follow the 4 tips: empty out the water remaining in the tank, set the thermostat to the minimum, close the steam control and stand it upright or place it on the base (depending model).

If your iron has an anti-calc system, you should clean the anti-calc valve once a month. To do this, unplug the iron and leave it to cool for 30-45 minutes. Empty the water and remove the valve, holding it by the top. Let the anti-calc valve soak for 4 hours in a glass of commercially available white vinegar or natural lemon juice, then thoroughly rinse the anti-calc valve under tap water. Reposition the anti-calc valve into your iron. Warning! Never touch the end of the anti-calc valve. the iron does not work without the anti-calc valve.

Gently shake your iron to reactivate it, the lights should start to flash and then the product should start to heat up.

The electronic system cuts the power and the auto-stop light flashes if the iron is not moved for more than 8 minutes (on its heel rest or base) or is left flat for more than 30 seconds. To turn the iron back on, gently shake it until the light goes out.
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