MINI PRO MQ714 Mixes, blends, minces, chops and emulsifies
Three removable blades to enable you to adjust the level of chopping dependent on your ingredients. For a finer chop or harder ingredients use all two blades for a rough chop or softer ingredients experiment using just one.
Security lid ensures you cannot start the product unless the bowl containing the blades is sealed.
Also acts as a liquid seal enabling you to blitz soup, smoothies and other liquids.
Capacity of 300 g or 500 ml.
Mini Pro is hugely versatile from the obvious uses of chopping onion, garlic and herbs to the less evident uses like baby food, mashed potato, soup and cheesecake base.

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    3 removable blades to tailor to your chopping needs. Also easy to clean & dishwasher safe

Power 500  
Speed settings 2 speeds  
Number of blades 3  
Type of blades Stainless steel  
Bowl capacity 0.500 (useful capacity) - Graduated bowl  L
Bowl capacity 0.300  kg
Bowl material Plastic  
Cord Storage    
Dishwasher safe    

Instructions & Manual
Frequent questions
It is normal for a small amount of food to be left unchopped/sliced/grated so that the food pusher does not grate against the sharp blades on the cone/cassette.
Some food is unsuitable for chopping/slicing/grating. Ensure you are using the correct cone/cassette for the food you are trying to prepare and that the food is positioned in the correct position first in the feed tube before slicing/grating/chopping. Also the ingredients you use must be firm and fresh quality to get satisfactory results and avoid accumulation of food in the holder (information will depend on model of product).
If pieces of food get stuck to the side of the bowl (ham, onions, etc.), switch off the appliance, take out the plug, remove the pieces with the help of a spatula, and re-distribute them in the bowl. Plug the appliance in again and pulse 2 or 3 times more. NEVER put your fingers or hands in the bowl, or near the blade.