TEFAL Set of 5 red containers Kiper

Set of 5 red containers Kiper Leakproof, easy to clean and stackable food containers
  • Special design of the lid and the body that perfectly adapt each other to guarantee that the containers are leakproof. 
  • Get one product inside the other to save space.
  • Flexible lids are easy to clean.

With KIPER, food storage becomes simple and convenient!

KIPER is a wide range of containers perfect for food storage.

The 5 containers of this set are leakproof, easy to clean and perfectly stackable:
  • The lid and the body are designed to guarantee perfect watertightness and to preserve the freshness of the food.
  • Since you can get one container inside the other, it saves space for storage.
  • All the containers of the range are perfectly stackable: it helps to organize the fridge, the freezer or the shelves.

This set of 5 containers is composed of:

  • 2 containers of 0.18 L.
  • 2 containers of 0.36 L.
  • 1 container of 1.5 L.
  • Thanks to the specific design and the bi-injection process, the lid is perfectly adapted to the body, which avoids leakage

  • The flexibility of the lid allows you to clean your container easily

  • All the containers of the Kiper range are stackable: it helps to save space by organizing the fridge, the freezer or the shelves

  • Our suppliers have commited not to use bisphenol A in their processes. The quality tests that have been conducted for our products by independants labs have not detected migration of bisphenol A into the food

Cold Retention NOT RELEVANT  
Heat Retention NOT RELEVANT  
Freezer safe    
Watertight No  
Dishwasher safe    

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