Tefal Proflex

Proflex The new collapsible silicone tins to save space in the kitchen
  • Silicone moulds with collapsible feature allowing to make the highest moulds totally flat to win up to 60% space*.
  • The rigid ring avoids the mould to bend and allow to handle it safely in the oven (with some protection of course).
  • The silicone is 100% platinum. This guarantees the high quality of the product and its resistance to high temperatures (up to 250°). 

* on the height of the product

Tefal Proflex, one ring to rule baking!

Tefal Proflex is a new ingenious bakeware silicone range with high quality products easy to handle, easy to store, easy to clean and allowing a perfect turning out of your cakes.

Thanks to the large number of shapes, you can express your creativity and bake fun recipes like mini donuts, mini éclairs or cupcakes. Some items are collapsible to facilitate the storage.
  • Perfect and safe handling thanks to its rigid rim.
  • The non-stick silicone surface helps you remove your cakes easily.
  • Used safely in oven, dishwasher, refrigerator and freeze.
  • Included recipe in each pack to help you baking delicious cakes.


  • Proflex is one of the best silicone bakeware range on the market.
  • The tins are made of silicone 100% platinum. It means that the catalyser used to produce our silicone is only platinum; which is a well known precious metal. It is the best silicone quality.
  • This silicone is safe and it has a high resistance to temperatures (from -40°C to 250°C).
  • The range is of course on line with the regulation.

Since the first of January 2015, BPA has been forbidden in France in all products aiming to be in contact with food. Our suppliers commit on not using BPA in their productions.
Independant laboratories made tests on our products and concluded that there is no BPA migration in the food. 


  • Easy handling thanks to the rigid ring

  • Collapsible : easy to store

  • High temperature resistance

  • Platinium Silicone Quality:  for a high resistant product. Perfect release and non stick

  • Easy to handle

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