Tefal 8IN1 RK302 user manuals

8 cooking functions, 1 appliance!
Cooks all types of rice, steams, slow cooks and even cooks desserts! Delayed start and automatic keep warm functions for easy use. Tefal non-stick removable bowl for easy cleaning.

Reference : RK302E15

Instructions & Manual
Frequent questions
The steaming function is only suitable for fish, vegetables and fruit. It can also steam desserts in individual ramekin dishes. This is because these foods have a short steaming time and do not have a dense texture. When steaming chicken in the 8in1 it is not possible to fully to cook it through to the centre.
As a guide to cook 1 cup of rice (serves 2 small or 1 large portion) use 1 measuring cup of white rice and then add one and a half measuring cup of water. With some types of rice it is normal for a little rice to stick on the base when cooking 1 cup of rice.
There is not enough or too much water compared to the quantity of rice being cooked, please refer to the cooking guide. Make sure that the rice is well distributed around the whole surface of the bowl in order to allow even cooking.
Refer to recipe advice supplied in instructions. There will be different cooking times and water quantities for different types of rice.
There is no need to precook vegetables or shellfish before putting them in the rice as the steaming action will cook them thoroughly.
Yes you can, but remember not to overload the steaming basket as it is fairly shallow (ie not as deep as a steaming basket) and there needs to be some space for steam to circulate around the food. Also remember that you might not want raw meat/fish juices going into the rice as it is cooked although this will add some flavour - you may want to cook meat or fish on greaseproof paper in the steamer. Vegetables will be fine.
Yes. You can add salt and seasoning in the water to give a better taste.
For rice, cereals, oatmeal and steam: temperature 100°c during cooking
For cake function: around 135°C
For slow cooking: around 90°C
For Keep warm: around 70-80°C
As your appliance only has one heat setting on the Slow Cooker function, where recipes in a slow cooker recipe book refer to using a high or a low setting, for the 8in1 cooker use the low setting cooking times. Also, some recipe books advise preheating the slow cooker empty before use. You should NEVER do this with the 8-in-1 cooker.
Yes, they are dishwasher safe. But be careful not to damage the inside coating on the dishwasher racks when you put the elements into the machine. After having washed them several times in the dishwasher, it is recommended to wipe the whole of the inner surface of the bowl with a little oil.
Always ensure you unplug the Rice Cooker from the mains outlet socket before carrying out the cleaning procedure. The exterior of the Rice Cooker, the inside of the lid and the power cord should be cleaned using a soft damp cloth and then throughly wipe dry. Do not use water to clean the interior of the Rice Cooker as this could damage the heat sensor. The non-stick bowl, the steam basket, the condensation collector, the spoon and the measuring cup are all dishwasher safe.
After removing the inner lid, push up the micro-pressure valve through the lid hole with your finger from the underside of the lid, rotate the mictro-pressure valve in the unlocking direction until the upper triangle is aligned with the opened padlock and finally separate the upper and lower parts of the micro-pressure valve. Wash in hot soapy water with a sponge - do not use scouring powders or metal scourers.
Ensure you do not exceed the 10 cup mark shown in "cups" on the inside of the bowl, exceeding this level may cause overflows during use.
The lid is not closed properly, the micropressure valve is not fitted correctly or the gasket may be damaged. Stop cooking, unplug the Rice Cooker and check everything is correctly fitted.
Empty the condensation collector after each use and check it is correctly positioned.
The bowl is not correctly positioned on the element.
There is not enough water/rice in the bowl. Wash the rice thoroughly and leave it to soak for approximately 20 minutes.
After following the instructions in the user manual for starting the appliance, make sure that your electrical socket is working by plugging another appliance. If it still does not work, do not try to dismantle or repair the appliance yourself, instead, take it to an approved repair centre
Do not use your appliance. To avoid any danger, have it replaced by an approved repair centre.
You need to press "Menu" first and then keep pressing "Menu" until you get to the program you require. Then press "Start". Also, ensure that the base of the bowl is clean, that there is nothing between the base of the bowl and the element and that the bowl is positioned firmly in place.
The top major sensor has an open circuit or there is a short circuit. You will need to send this to a Authorised Service Centre for repair.
Place the bowl into the Rice Cooker base then plug in the appliance in. After replacing the bowl, if the E1 error code does not clear, you will need to send your appliance to a Authorised Service Centre for repair.
The colour of the bowl surface may change after using for the first time or after a long period of use. Its change in colour is due to the action of steam and water and does not have any effect on the use of the Rice Cooker nor is it dangerous for your health. It is safe to continue using.
Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. Leave it at a local civic waste collection point.
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