My Cooking Food Processor... NOW, THERE ARE 2 OF US IN THE KITCHEN my Companion & ME.

Tefal Cuisine Companion cooking food processor

100% home made, easy to prepare for everyday
from monday to sunday
Cuts, prepares and cooks! Cooks fish, cooks sea foods, cooks meat, cooks vegetables and fruits, cooks and prepares jams, slow cooks vegetables, slow cooks meats, slow cooks fishes and sea food dishes, stir fries, cooks and stirs risotto, cooks and stirs chutneys, cooks and mixes soups, simmers, stews, boils, stir fries, braises, browns, steam cooks vegetables, steam cooks fish and seafood, steam cooks meats and poultry, cooks and prepares sauces, melts chocolate, melts butter, cooks and mashes purees, prepares hot and fresh drinks, keeps warm, chops meat or fish, chops onions, herbs, chops hard food, chops dried fruits, grinds dried fruits and spices, stirs slowly, stirs quickly, mixes smooth soups, dense soups and chunky soups, mixes compotes, mixes cakes dough, kneads pastries and sweet dough, kneads pizza dough, kneads bread dough, kneads pasta, kneads leavened dough, kneads shortbreads, crushes ice, prepares ice cream and sorbets, prepares smoothies, cocktails, whips white eggs, emulsifies mayonnaise and sauces, whips cream and custard.
Success is only a clicks away. IT AUTOMATICALLY CONTROLS the key settings for your recipes: PROCESSING SPEED, COOKING TEMPERATURE & TIME

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Sauces reveal the real flavours.

Cuisine Companion invites you to enjoy periods of pleasure in your daily menus, via a simple gesture. The secret of making a perfect, delicate sauce: the combination of a impeccable cooking technique and regular stirring.

Enhance your dishes effortlessly.

Hollandaise Sauce

See the Bechamel Sauce Recipe



Two sub programmes :
Soup P1: Smooth Soup
Soup P2: Thick Soup

Allow the seasons to guide your culinary desires, as well as those of your friends and family. Cuisine Companion will help you re-discover the pleasures of seasonal dishes on a daily basis. The soup programme cooks and then mixes, preparing delicious veloutés and coarsely puréed soups.

Cream of Courgette Soup with Cream Cheese

See the Soup Recipe



Three sub programmes :
Slow-cook P1: Browning
Slow-cook P2: Slow cook
Slow-cook P3: Risotto

Risotto is one of those dishes which requires a special touch as well as continuous stirring throughout the cooking process. Cuisine Companion will allow you to open the doors to Italian cuisine via the slow-cooking programme: the combination of stirring, an intermittent speed, masterful cooking and an accessory adapted to delicacies which will stir for you during cooking. Master this Italian classic and embark on a culinary journey.

Monkfish Tagine

See the Risotto Recipe


Steam cooking

The preparation of savoury and balanced menus will be child's play with Cuisine Companion.

Fish cooked in the basket accompanied with vegetables: you'll fall in love with steam cooking!

Asian-Style Chicken Salad

See the Posta Salmao Recipe



Three sub programs :
Patisserie P1: Bread
Patisserie P2: Brioche
Patisserie P3: Cake

Making bread, pizza, patisseries requires kneading or specific mixing.

Cuisine Companion helps you showcase your creativity and talent for preparing delicious recipes.

Bread with Bacon & Cheese

See the Pastry Recipe



A dessert worthy of a gastronomic restaurant?

With Cuisine Companion, preparing your favourite recipes will be a piece of cake owing its specially adapted dessert programme.

It mixes, emulsifies and cooks your creams (chocolate, lemon) as well as floating islands, all at once.

Hot Blackberry Souffles

See the Crema Catalana Recipe


Manual mode

3 settings

Manual mode allows you to adjust all of your settings to personalise or create your own recipes:

Adjusting the speed:
12 speeds

Adjusting the temperature:
from 30° to 130°C

Adjusting the time:
from 5 seconds to 120 minutes

Cheesy Aperitif Biscuits

See the Crema catalane Recipe

More than just a cooking-capable food processor, Cuisine Companion is an all-in-one, kitchen wonder machine. With five attachments and cooking capabilities, the Cuisine Companion replaces more than up to 10 appliances. Ideal for : kneading or sautéing, whipping or steaming, crushing or coarsely puréeing and much more...

5 dedicated attachments FOR FANTASTIC RESULTS


Steam Top

For cooking adapted to your recipes, the steam top allows you to regulate steam extraction. The low steam setting allows a maximum amount of heat and steam to build up in the bowl for all types of steam cooking (soups, etc.) This position also prevents splashing during mixing. The high steam setting allows a maximum amount of condensation to be released and therefore it is recommended to prepare dishes and sauces with a better consistency (risotto, creamy puddings, sauces, etc.)


The stirrer

The mixer is the accessory to use when mixing ingredients, even the most delicate, without spoiling them or to gently stir your dish. This mixer has the shape of bowl in order to stir or mix the ingredients without them burning or sticking. It is particularly useful for cooked dished; it is also suitable for sweet dishes, to melt butter or chocolate without lumps.


The stainless steel Ultrablade knife

The sharpened chopping blade is the multifunctional accessory for chopping and mincing various ingredients: mixing soups or purées, chopping vegetables, herbs, meat or fish. The particular shape and sharpness of the blade provides quick and even chopping and mixing of small and large quantities. Combine its use with cooking to prepare a vegetable velouté or Bolognese sauce.


The stainless steel kneading/Crushing Blade

The blade used to knead and crush is a multifunctional accessory to mix heavy pastry (bread dough, brioches) and mix light pastry (cake pastry, waffles, pancakes) but also to crush dried fruits or even ice. Its special shape, when used with a jagged blade, is ideal for chopping hard food evenly. Fantastic for making bread, brioches, pastries or even sorbets!


The whisk

The Cuisine Companion beater is essential to beat eggs or cream, emulsify mayonnaise and sauces, making the food frothy and aerated. Its shape allows it to easily capture the air when mixing in order to give maximum volume and a firm consistency to whipped ingredients. By using this beater at the same time as the heater, you can make floating islands, creamy puddings and even polenta.


The steam basket

For gourmet, healthy, light and natural cooking, the steam basket allows you to steam cook your food. The vegetables, fish, meat and certain desserts are added into the bowl of the Cuisine Companion and steamed. Made from stainless steel, the heat is dispersed evenly for consistent cooking. Cuisine Companion allows you to prepare ingredients in a bowl, like a sauce, at the same time as steaming: a balanced dish in no time at all.