INGENIO MANUAL FOOD PREPARATION Pulling system and Automatic rewind.
For cutting all types of food and for preparing cold drinks with the exclusive ice blade.
2 blades included: a multi-cutting blade and an ice blade for preparing all your recipes and summer drinks
900 ml capacity: ideal for all recipes
Each traction generates 7 full rotations for a quick result and control over chopping or crushing.

Reference: K0981314

A simple and complete solution to chop, mash, crush and dress your ingredients fastly and efficiently.

Vegetables, herbs, mashed food, guacamole, sauces, meats, crushed ice, whipped cream, mayonnaise, … With its exclusive set of changeable blades, you'll achieve success in preparing all meals for your family in a snap. The new Ingenio 5 seconds guarantees an efficiency of preparation, you'll no longer be able to do without it!

  • Multiusage Kit (1 red blade)
  • Purée kit (1 red blade + 1 yellow blade)
  • Ice kit (1 red blade + 1 blue blade)
  • Cream kit (1 red blade + 1 white blade)
  • Individual blades : Multiusage, Purée, Ice, Cream

Efficient, Ingenious, and well-designed products. Thanks to 3 patented features, ruslting on unique benefits :

  • Effortless usage
  • Main type of food
  • Simple "in hand" every day use
  • Progressive and controlled result
  • 2100087751-b1-.jpg

     Prepare everything in 5 SEC !

    To chop, mash, crush and dress all types of food

  • 2100087751_b2.png

    Patented 2 independant blades system

    Each pull results in 7 complete turns for a fast and control result  of chopping, mashing or crushing. 

  • 2100087751_b3.png

    Automatic rewind and pulling system

    Comfort and ergonomic handle, and power multiplication for low effort use. 

  • 2100087751-b4.jpg

     No electric power

    Always ready to use. 

  • 2100087751_b5.png

    Anti-slippering base

    Non slip base for a stable safety

  • 2100087751_b6.png

    Easy and quick to clean

    Blades and bowl are dishwasher safe 

  • 2100087751_b7.png

    Progressive chopping ! 

    You control the result :  1.Coarse for fresh salads 2.Medium for incredible sauces 3.ine for seasonning

Instructions & Manual
Frequent questions
It is a kitchen tool used to slice mainly fruit and vegetables to a certain thickness.
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