Tefal Pancake pans

Pancake pans Decorative pancake pans
  • Unique non-stick outlines to create your own creative pancakes!
  • Non-stick with unique outlines for creative pancakes, easy to make, easy to release!

Create your own animal pancakes

Bring joy to your kitchen with a decorative pancake pan!
Just follow the outlines with your pancake batter. Fill in the blanks. Flip over your pancake creation. And discover your animal pancake!

The decorative pancake pans benefit from:
  • Longlide non-stick coating, for easy flip over and easy cleaning.
  • Thermo-Spot technology to start cooking at the right temperature for perfect searing.
  • Resistant enamel exterior for easy & convenient use.

Let’s have fun with your kids!

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    Creative outlines

    Follow the outlines and fill in the blanks with your pancake mix!

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    Thermo-spot® Technology

    It turns full red when the frypan has reached the ideal temperature for perfect searing. It guarantees perfect texture, perfect color, perfect flavor for delicious and full-flavored meals everyday

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    Hobs compatibility

    Suitable for gas, halogen & electric hobs

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    Tefal involvement for health & environment

    100% safe non stick coating

Instructions & Manual