Extra Easy to use every day
  • Tefal Extra was designed to help beginners reach their highest cooking potential, with advanced features for delicious results every day.
  • The new Thermo-Spot system lets you know the ideal temperature to start cooking, for high precision and successful results from day one.
  • The new Powerglide coating delivers longer extra glide, with high-comfort ergonomics and lightweight design for the perfect beginner's cooking package.

Easy cooking meets extra taste for perfect results

For delicious meals made effortless, Tefal Extra is an easy-to-use cooking range with a full range of features to help beginners achieve perfect cooking results.

  • The new Thermo-Spot system is your secret weapon for the ideal temperature to start cooking, producing impeccable results with total ease.
  • The new easy-cleaning Powerglide coating provides longer extra glide, for cooking with total comfort and ease.
  • Advanced features are in place for optimum cooking performance: a 100% safe non-stick coating inside and out for effortless cleaning, and a lightweight frame for added convenience.
  • Tefal Extra: optimum cooking solutions for outstanding results every day.





  • R-extra-USP.jpg

    POWERGLIDE non-stick coating

    The glide that lasts longer. Highly reinforced coating with anti-scratch layers enhanced with mineral particles.

  • R-extra-B1.jpg


    Thermo-Spot® turns full red when the pan has reached the ideal temperature for perfect searing. It guarantees the perfect texture, color and flavor, for delicious full-flavored meals every day.

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    Non-stick coating inside and out

    Easy cleaning and convenient cooking

  • R-extra-B3.jpg

    Pouring edges

    Easy to serve food

  • R-extra-B4.jpg


    Easier and more convenient use

  • R-extra-B5.jpg

    Ergonomic handle

    with thumb rest

  • R-extra-B6.jpg

    Hobs compatibility

    Special gas hobs

  • R-extra-B7.jpg

    Tefal: healthy cooking, eco-friendly thinking

    100% safe non-stick coating

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    Tefal: World No. 1 in Cookware*

    * Independent panel 2014 data, brand value sales, cookware category definition

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