Tefal Fresh Kitchen Gadgets

Fresh Kitchen Gadgets Fun and colorful products with a unique design. Products dedicated to multi-purpose usages to prepare all fruits or fresh vegetables.
  • 20 gadgets (+ 4 kitchen knives).
  • Featuring julienne peeler, zester, garlic press, avocado slicer, melon baller, peeler, lime squeezer, apple corer, grapefruit spoon, apple wedger, vegetable brush, colander, fruits & vegetables colander, pineapple slicer, lettuce knife, meat shears.
  • 4 Shelf displays: onion container, tomato container, garlic container, lemon container.

For all your fruit and vegetable needs

This fun, colorful set of multi-purpose gadgets covers all your preparation needs for fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Featuring a unique design, these soft, ergonomic tools tackle a wide array of specific tasks and uses.
  • Includes 20 gadgets and 4 kitchen knives.








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    Soft & Ergonomic

    Soft touch handle and ergonomic shape for optimal comfort in hand.

Instructions & Manual