Tefal Enjoy Kitchen tools range

Enjoy Kitchen tools range The first eco-friendly Kitchen tools
  • Essential tools that are eco-friendly and colourful.
  • 95% recycled plastic.

Enjoy, fun and green!

Green outside and green inside, meet the Enjoy tools, the first ever to be made of 95% recycled PET plastic. That's only 2 plastic bottles!

With Enjoy, support the green team to cook delicious meals and preserve nature!

  • High heat resistance, all the way up to 220°.
  • The Tefal seal of quality, made in Europe.
  • Green and clean, they never stain no matter what, and are also dishwasher compatible.

The Enjoy range includes:

  • Ladle
  • Angled spatula
  • Long spatula
  • Spoon
  • Recycling products

  • 95% recycled material

Instructions & Manual
Frequent questions
Use a non-stick, plastic scouring pad, warm water and washing-up liquid. For stainless steel cookware we recommend specialised stainless steel cleaners.