Tefal Enjoy 2in1 Kitchen tools range

Enjoy 2in1 Kitchen tools range The first eco-friendly 2in1 Kitchen tools
  • Eco-friendly tools that can cook anything.
  • 95% recycled plastic.

Enjoy 2 in 1, green and innovative cooking!

If you wish to cook delicious meals while preservingMother Nature, the Enjoy 2 in 1 tools are made for you! The first ever kitchen tools to be made from 95% recycled PET plastic. They're unique and good for the planet!

With Enjoy 2 in 1, preserving the environment does not come at the cost of taste!
  • High heat resistance, all the way up to 220°.
  • The Tefal seal of quality made in Europe.
  • Green and clean, they never stain no matter what, and are also dishwasher compatible.


The Enjoy 2 in 1 range includes:

  • Skimmer/potato masher
  • Meat spoon with removable stainless steel probe
  • Steak spatula with small removable tongs
  • Pasta server with scraping edge
  • Tongs to serve and turn over
  • Recycled material

Instructions & Manual