So Easy

So Easy Finally a stoneware range with non-stick coating for perfect cleaning!

<li>The performance of ceramic with the ease of non-stick. </li>
<li>The So Easy range is the exclusive combination of sandstone, recognized as the best material for heat retention, and non-stick coating that allows for ultra easy cleaning.</li>
<li>Its shape and large edges make it easy to store and handle, while various sizes are available for all your recipe needs!</li>


Tradition and modernity combined

    So Easy was conceived to respond to a major problem with ceramic dishware: the cleaning.
  • Finally, prepare delicious browned dishes without spending hours on clean-up.
  • Moist cooking is guaranteed and dishes are kept warm throughout the meal.
  • Endowed with wide edges to facilitate handling in and out of the oven, it is truly So Easy to use every day.
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    Non-stick interior coating

    Thanks to the exclusive combination of non-stick coating and ceramic, So Easy is an ultra easy-to-clean product for perfect results.

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    High-resistant ceramic

    The highly resistant ceramic provides homogeneous cooking and extended heat retention makes it ideal for making and sharing all your recipes. Gratin, roasted meat, lasagna and many other delicious meals...

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    Large edges

    Designed easy manipulation from the oven to the table

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    Easily store your oven dishes thanks to their unique design.

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