silence force cyclonic

The most silent
Performance 4AAAAbagless vacuum cleaner ever*

Silence force

*Among the bagless vacuum cleaners rated A on the 4 criteria of European energy label
(energy efficiency criteria rated from A+++ to D)


Experience outstanding

Perfect cleaning results and pure air with an unmatched level of silence!

Low energy consumption

Low energy consumption

Best-in-class performance on carpets

Best-in-class performance on carpets

Best-in-class performance on hard floors

Best-in-class performance on hard floors

>99,98% of dust* filtration

>99,98% of dust* filtration

*dust remission <0,02%

Silence Force Cyclonic was awarded “A” on all the 4 performance criteria.
It is a best in class in dust pick up performance according to European label.

Silence force energy

Energy performance
Ultra-low energy consumption with only 28 kWh/year.

Hard floor cleaning
Efficient dust removal from all types of floors.

Carpet cleaning
Best performance to extract dust particles on carpet.

Dust filtration
Thanks to 3 layers of filtration, it traps more than
> 99,98%* of the dust, leaving you with a cleaner home and a refreshed air.

*Dust reemission < 0.02%

Keep your home spotless
with utmost performance

Maximum suction power thanks to the Air Booster and Cyclonic Technology.

Expect perfect results
no matter the floor

Perfect cleaning results on all surfaces, even the most difficult ones, thanks to the exclusive 3-position P3WER GLIDE SUCTION HEAD.

Enjoy efficient cleaning
in peace and quiet

Up to 8x More silence

With only 67 dB(A), you can now vacuum each room in no time without disturbing your family or pets.

*8x quieter than the most silent 4A bagless vacuum cleaner with a single dust head for all floors, in Europe (September 2017)

Seek maximum comfort
and ease-of-use

A real pleasure to use day after day thanks to an ergonomic design.

Silence Force

Easy emptying of the dust container
thanks to its lock system

Never run out of bags
with our bagless vacuum cleaner

Effortless carying
thanks to its large handle

Pure air at home:
trap more than
> 99,98% of dust*

*Dust reemission <0.02%

the Silence Force Cyclonic you need

When4aaaaperformance meets extreme silence