Banana Surprise

Banana Surprise


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  • 3 large bananas
  • 75 g raisins
  • 2 tblsp Grand Marnier
  • 1 orange
  • 25g sugar.


Grate the rind of 1 orange and press the juice.

Peel the bananas and cut them in half lengthwise.

Place in a dish.

Mix the sugar with the orange rind and juice, the Grand Marnier and the raisins.

Pour over the bananas and allow to marinate for 1 hour. Butter 3 rectangles of foil and place a banana on each. Divide the juice and the raisins between them.

Securely seal each parcel and place them on the grid of the bowl equipped with a clip-on handle.

Steam for 15 mins. Serve in the parcels.

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