TEFAL Includeo breakfast range: ergonomic toaster, filter coffee maker and kettle with inclusive design

The 1st Tefal range
with inclusive design

An inclusive design With ergonomic solutions to the greatest number of people

The Includeo range's ergonomic products are created with and for you, whatever your needs. Their thoughtful design guarantees real ease of use for everyone!

What is inclusive design?
The Inclusive design approach is inspired by people's diversity that makes up our society. The aim is to design products, services, tools...for the greatest number of people.
Who is inclusive design for?
To everyone! A person with a broken arm or with a newborn baby in their arms, for example, can face the same difficulties in their daily life than a person with a permanent disability such as an amputated arm. Plus, we will all be affected by the reduction of physical, visual, auditory and cognitive abilities.
What is Tefal's approach?
People with disability are part of the product design cycle from the very beginning. The objective is to identify the challenges they face daily. Improving a product for people with disability means improving it for everyone. More information in the Good Design Playbook on Groupe Seb.

Filter coffee maker



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