Care for You

Just relax & breath… CARE FOR YOU takes care of your garments for you

The first steamer that dewrinkles and sanitizes automatically by Tefal.

*Independent laboratory test on cotton fabric, in sanitize mode – 40 min

The 3-in-1 solution that refreshes your daily life

Who said wrinkles never disappeared on their own?
Take it easy now, CARE FOR YOU does all the work for you. So just lie down and relax…

1 - Zero effort


2 - Zero chemical


3 - Zero damage


*Independent laboratory test on cotton fabric, in sanitize mode – 40 min

Take a deep breath & get ready
for a brand new experience

Dewrinkle up to 3 clothes
in only 10 min

Relax: no more rush in the morning!

Everything is automatic: zero skill required
Use straighteners to optimize the results
You can add time for the toughest creases
No risk of burning

Steam away all unpleasant smells

Steam away
all unpleasant smells

Relax, enjoy the feeling of wearing fresh garments!

CARE FOR YOU automatically removes all types of odors like cooking, smoke and refreshes all your clothes in 20 min. No need to rewash.

Say goodbye to viruses & germss

Say goodbye
to viruses & germs

Relax, feel serene at home!

CARE FOR YOU kills up to 99,99% of viruses, bacteria and germs* by using the natural power of steam to freshen up all your textiles in 40min.

*Independent laboratory test on cotton fabric, in sanitize mode – 40 min

Dry even your most
delicate fabrics

Relax: No risk of damage or shrinkage

Dry your clothes 5 times faster*
For all your clothes that are not fitted for the dryer
Remove moist on rainy days

*Compared to natural drying in ambient temperature

Perfect for all types of fabric

CARE FOR YOU takes care of any textile, from your most delicate fabrics, to your winter coats and your baby’s teddy.

Intelligence does the work

BLUE technology modulates the air and steam flow production in order to reach the perfect temperature and humidity level
all along the chosen cycle to guarantee great results everytime.

Designed for great ease of use

Easy to store
and move

4 wheels for smooth mobility and a retractable, space-saving design for effortless storage.

Intuitive remote

Everything you need at your fingertips.


2L removable water tank for long autonomy.


Decibel level that is below everyday conversation for ultra-silent convenience.


Care for you

Twelve straighteners, a storing box
and two 360° rotative hangers
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How to use

All you need to know to enjoy CARE FOR YOU without any effort. It’s now time to switch off and unwind…

How to sanitize?
How to dewrinkle?
How to store and transport?