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Monitor your body shape with the Body Partner
smart scale and feel good about yourself.

The evolution of your shape

  • Measure up to 6 body zones:
    Arms, chest, waist, hip, thigh, calf.
  • 2mm high precision body
    shape tracker.
  • Very easy to use.

Your body composition


Beyond weighing, Body Partner offers you a complete knowledge of your body: you can now take control of both your shape and your well-being!

  • BMI
  • Fat mass index
  • Hydration rate
  • Lean body mass

Instantly visualize
your progress

  • Define & follow your own goal
    from 4 different weight or shape objectives.
  • Just follow your indicators
    with the dashboards
    and trend curves.

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Compatible with a wide range of smartphones:
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our product

Tefal body partner

Benefit now from the combined technologies of a unique body shape tracker with a diagnostic scale, both connected to a playful app monitoring your morphology.

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Approved by a dietician BioparHom!

Stay motivated,
boost yourself and love your body!

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Reach your goals
with confidence

Stay motivated, boost yourself and love your body thanks to Body Partner!

Reaching, keeping and optimising your ideal weight is like climbing a mountain: there is NO EASY WAY! That is why Tefal created Body Partner, a smart scale capable of providing maximum information about your body, in addition to your weight. Body Partner will help you in your everyday life thanks to its three major assets:

• Tracking your body composition lets you identify your body fat values, which is much more interesting than just tracking your weight. You can therefore ensure that you do not lose muscle mass or water and you can monitor your progress. Furthermore, your body fat thresholds can be personalised, something that is not possible on other devices.

• Tracking your body shape with the measuring tape allows you to see where your body has changed, slimmed, gained curves and muscle mass!

• Controlling and tracking the evolution of your shape with the app on your smartphone will enhance all your effort at your own pace.

MARIE-NOELLE COUX,Dietician BioparHom alt

Your body with Body Partner

Day after day, Body Partner enhances your effort and helps
you reach your goals at your own pace.

So, what’s your objective?

alt Get Slim

The nutritionist’s

Only eat cheese at breakfast or lunch. This way, you will burn the calories during the day.

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alt Get muscle

The nutritionist’s

Remember to drink throughout the day (between 1 to 1.5L) to stay well hydrated.

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alt Set a weight objectives

The nutritionist’s

Don’t forget to include vegetables, raw (in a salad, grated…) and/or cooked (steamed) in every meal!

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alt Stabilize myself

The nutritionist’s

If you love chocolate, you can eat 1 square of 70% cocoa dark chocolate every day.

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Discover how the Body Partner smart scale and its body shape tracker work.

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With over 30 years of experience in the design of innovative scales,
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