IXEO POWER - QT2020 Smart and Powerful: The Garment Care Revolution
The Tefal IXEO Power All-in-One iron steamer station combines a High-Pressure Technology for ultimate steam power, with a Built-in three-position Smart Board, for exceptional results that help you look your best in no time. With an ergonomic upright to horizontal design associated to an ultra-light iron head, upgrade the garment care experience to a new era. Ready about 70 seconds, IXEO Power makes your ironing shirt twice faster and is the perfect solution for smooth & wrinkle-free looks every day.

*Steam performance compared to Tefal Effectis, ** Compared to Tefal FV3910 iron

  • Comfort and ease with built-in Smart Board

    Smart Board matches all your needs: From vertical steaming, to horizontal ironing, going through the new 30° position. Discover a new and improved garment care experience. Also, its size is perfect to fit all types of clothes.

  • Powerful technology for dependable results

    Innovative High Pressure Technology provides perfect results thanks to its outstanding steam power : Steam pressure up to 5,8 bars, continuous steam output of up to 90 g/minute and an extra-powerful steam boost up to 200 g/minute.

  • Improved ease-of-use with new iron head

    A brand-new design offers a comfortable, lightweight ironing experience with an iron head that's up to half the weight of a traditional steam iron, and with precision tip that helps to go in all details

  • Smart Protect technology

    Benefit from an advanced garment care system that is safe to use on your entire wardrobe even the most delicate, such as silk, with a technology requiring no settings.

  • Convenient smart removable base

    For full flexibility and convenience, the removable base allows you to refresh anytime and anywhere, for use on curtains, furniture, and more.

  • Rapid and convenient heat-up time

    Your All-in-one steam solution is up and running in around 70 seconds, for performance that's ready in a flash, perfect for everyday use and last-minute touch-ups.

  • Additional benefits: Freshen and sanitizes

    The intense power of steam kills up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria, refreshing and removing odors as it steams, for fresh garments and perfect hygiene.

  • Easy transportation

    Thanks to small wheels under the iron steamer station, transportation is made easy, for garment care that covers your entire home.

  • Anti-calc rinsing system

    Enjoy long-lasting performance and results you can count on day after day, with a rinsing calc management system to ensure full protection and maintenance of your all-in-one steam solution

  • Removable water tank for ultimate convenience

    The generous volume of the 1.1 L removable water tank ensures long steaming sessions and refills that couldn't be easier.

  • Convenient thanks to included accessories

    Select models include handy accessories like the fabric brush, designed for thick fabrics, and a removable hanger to simplify your steaming sessions.

Steam head Stainless Steel soleplate  
Adjustable pole Double  
Hanger hook    
Auto-Off Yes  
On/Off switch Hand operated  
Water tank Removable  
Empty tank detector    
Steam ready indicator    
Power cord storage Hook  
Detachable base    
Integrated board Smart board 3 positions  
Anti scale function Rinsing system  
Steam on demand    
Heated soleplate    
Usage Vertical & Horizontal  
Scale alert    

Instructions & Manual