FREEDOM - RG7130 My best cleaning partner, even on carpet !

The Rowenta Robot automatic vacuum cleaner delivers real convenience and ease, with the ability to clean anywhere, even carpets. Discover a fully effortless cleaning experience by delegating the chore and letting this easy-to-use robot vacuum cleaner do the work for you. A user-friendly interface provides easy cleaning on demand, with dependable cleaning performance and absolute convenience.

Let it do the cleaning for you every day !

Rowenta Robot is the go-anywhere automatic vacuum cleaner for dependable results with maximum convenience. Discover fully effortless cleaning for any surface, even carpet, by delegating the chore and letting this easy-to-use robot vacuum cleaner do the work for you. Four different cleaning modes provide cleaning coverage anywhere you need it, with navigation that avoids walls and furniture or falling down stairs, for a smooth and safe cleaning experience with results you can count on. The Virtual Wall Sensor lets you confine the vacuum to a specific cleaning radius, for dependable and easy navigation that prevents contact with wires or delicate furniture. Experience automatic cleaning with full confidence and ease by delegating the work to the perfect everyday cleaning partner.
  • Set Yourself Free with Automatic Cleaning

    With automatic vacuum cleaning, keeping your home spotless is no longer a chore, with convenient technology that lets you delegate cleaning, for good results and an effortless experience.

  • Perfect cleaning, even on carpets!

    An active motorized brush provides efficient performance on any surface, even carpets, while the lateral brush lets you access corners by redirecting and collecting dust in corners to be vacuumed by the central brush, and also cleaning under furniture to maximize cleaning

  • Four Cleaning Modes

    Four cleaning modes provide wall-to-wall coverage for any clean-up needs, from general areas to cleaning around the edges, or targeting specific spills and messes.

  • Autonomous and Safe Navigation

    Infrared technology and drop sensors, with added protection through the bumper, provide navigation around walls and furniture and avoid falling down stairs, for a smooth and secure cleaning experience.

  • Lithium Battery Technology

    A run-time of up to 100 minutes, with enhanced durability and long-lasting performance: up to 2 times longer**, plus smart and fast charging capabilities, with only 4.5 hours for a full charge.
    ** vs NiMh battery at the same level of voltage

  • Programming for Every Day of the Week

    Program cleaning cycles to schedule 7 storable programs, every day at the same time to cover the entire week.

  • Virtual Wall Sensor For Flawless Control

    Confine your robot vacuum cleaner to a specific cleaning radius, for greater control, safety and convenience.

Technology Rotative central brush  
Type of brush Hair brush  
Motorization Universal motor  
Cleaning modes 4 cleaning modes  
Power levels 1  
Obsctacles management Frontal sensors  
Stairs management Yes: 6 drop sensors  
Battery type Lithium ion  
Recharging time 4h30  
Running time (min position) 100 min  
Recharging type Docking station  
Dust container capacity 0.25  L
Sound Level 70  dB(A)
Dimensions ( ...x...x...) 33.5 x 9.6  cm

Instructions & Manual
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