MOSQUITO PROTECT - MN4015F1 Mosquito trap up to 7 times more effective*

MOSQUITO PROTECT is a chemical free mosquito repellent which is not only safe but environmentally friendly. A dynamic mosquito catcher which attracts mosquitoes due to its UV LED light and catches them through its efficient vacuum system. This mosquito killer is a long term investment as you don’t need to buy any refills

Reference: MN4015F1

MOSQUITO PROTECT MN4015: an efficient indoor mosquito repellent. A safe and environmentally friendly mosquito zapper. This mosquito catcher is not only odorless but it’s silent as well. A must-have!

MOSQUITO PROTECT MN4015 is a mosquito killer which puts a stop to mosquito nuisance . A small and quiet mosquito repellent that is not only handy but very easy to clean. This odorless indoor mosquito trap is safe for your pets and children. Your long term ally as you don’t need to buy a refill.

*than a trap using UV fluorescent or incandescent lamps

  • Chemical free

    This product does not use any chemical : safe for people and pets, environment friendly. No odors.

  • Efficient against all kinds of mosquitoes

    Tiger mosquitoes (Aedes) and Culex mosquitoes are all attracted by this trap. 

  • Money saving

    No need to buy refills. Durable and easy to use.

  • LED UV VIOLEDS technology

    The wavelength is optimised to attract mosquitoes. This patented technology is reinforced by appropriate temperature (38°C) and an ingenious design.

  • Attracts and captures mosquitoes

    Mosquitoes are caught thanks to a highly efficient vacuum system. They die of dehydration after a few hours.

  • Silent

    A compact and quiet anti-mosquito appliance


Sound level max 28,3  dB(A)
Voltage 220-240  V
Frequency 50/60  Hz
Power 4  W
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