PURE HOME PT8080 Purification with no limits Filters up to 100% of allergens!*

Clean air has never been so important! The Pure Home air purifier by Tefal is the latest connected innovation that will set a new definition of pure air at home. A disruptive design, digital technology and smart filtration all in one to bring you the best in purification. Discover the air quality box, a unique device that can detect air pollution anywhere in your home without having to move your whole purifier. Breathe clean air, with up to 100% of allergens filtered*, thanks to the most powerful purification sytem by Tefal, up to date. Detect, track, monitor and  enjoy personalized air purification at any moment of the day via the dedicated Pure Air app. With Tefal, there's no limit to pure air.

Reference: PT8080F0

Tefal Pure Home: The smart air purifier for the whole home

From detecting and purifying to visualizing and monitoring , Pure Home knows no limits. It all starts with its unique portable air-quality box, which can be carried from room to room with ease to detect air pollution in real time. Pure Home's 360° air purification system with its 4-level filtration then goes to work: not only does it remove up to 100% of allergens*, it filters airborne particles as small as viruses as well**.  Live on-screen reports keep you up to date on air quality both indoors and outdoors, while letting you visualize your home's actual purification. The result is pure air and peace of mind—all personalized to your needs, thanks to a dedicated allergen mode, smart automatically adjusted programs, and personalized routines that can be pre-scheduled via the Pure Air app. With Pure Home Air Purifier, there's no limit to pure air.   *In speed 3 on birch allergens, external test 2021 **Test carried out by external laboratory on H1N1 strain, on full appliance in maximum speed, 2021.

*In speed 3 on birch allergens, external test 2021

  • Efficient removal of air pollution

    Its integrated 360° purification system, coupled with a powerful 515m3/h CADR can renew the air volume of a 20m2 room in 6 minutes only* ! Ideal for all types of rooms from small to very large.

    In a room with a standard ceiling height of 2.5m.

  • Portable air quality box

    This unique air quality box can be unplugged from the product so that you can track the indoor air quality in real time, anywhere in your home, without moving your purifier. Equipped with a high precision laser particle sensor, as well as gas and humidity sensors, you will have a full diagnosis of the air quality around you at all times. When fully charged, it has an autonomy of 8 hours.

  • Best filtration level by Tefal

    Pure Home comes with a 3-in-1 360° filter that combines a prefilter grid, an active charcoal filter and an ultra-efficient particle filter, for increased filtration performance overtime and continuous pure air delivery. Each filtration level is suited for specific types of pollutants :

    • The Prefilter captures the largest particles, such as dust, pet and human hair.
    • The Active Carbon filter catches odors, gas and volatile organic compounds.
    • The High Efficiency Particle filter can filter up to 100% of allergens* (pollen, pet hair, mites, etc.) and also up to 99,995% of the smallest particles, up to 0.1 microns**.

    Moreover, the full appliance has great results on airborne particles as small as viruses (up to 99,9%***).

    * In speed 3 on birch allergens, external test 2021.

    ** *External laboratory test on filter only on particles from 0.1 to 1 micron, 2021

    *** Test carried out by external laboratory on H1N1 strain, on full appliance in maximum speed, 2021.

  • Formaldehyde destruction

    The NanoCaptur+ ™ filter is an exclusive and patented technology that permanently destroys formaldehyde, the most dangerous home pollutant (present in cleaning products, paints, pressed wood materials...).

    *Tested in an external laboratory, September 2018.

  • Live tracking

    Live on-screen air quality tracking allows you to witness air pollution and purification instantly, making the invisible visible.

    Daily reports on the amount of fine particles, gases and VOCs filtered everyday are available on the app, as well as access to outdoor air quality information near you thanks to a partnership with PlumeLabs.

  • Designed for the highest demanding

    Pure Home intelligently adapts the purification speed depending on the levels of fine particles, including allergens and gas, detected thanks to its 3 dedicated automatic modes.

    Get rid of allergens with the new allergen mode that can detect even the slightest variation in air pollution, for the most sensitive among us. The other two modes (AutoDay, AutoNight) will adjust the speed based on the detected pollution and the time of the day. All ensuring that pure air is delivered to you and maintained at all times.

  • Pure Air app by Tefal

    Connected to the Pure Air app, you will always have the ability to remotely control your product.

    Preset your weekly schedule through the programming feature of the app to adapt the purification to your needs and lifestyle, and enjoy a perfect peace of mind.

  • Convenient features

    • A modern touch panel with a timer of up to 8 hours.
    • Silent mode: at only 32dB(A) on minimum speed, it is perfect for discreet filtration and undisturbed sleep.
    • Filter-change indicator: Conveniently signals, both on the Air Quality Box and on the app, when each filter needs to be cleaned/replaced. Follow the step-by-step guide displayed on the screen to replace and reset your filters.
    • Practical wheels and integrated handles make it easy to move the air purifier from room to room.

Type of products Air Purifier  
Type of technology Filtration  
NanoCaptur technology    
CADR smoke 515m3/h  
Number of speeds 10  
Sound Level 32  dB(A)
Filtration levels 4 filtration levels  
Power max 60  W
Other features
Effective area 200m2  
Connected device (mobile application)    
Colours WHITE & BLUE  
Additional included accessories One handle + 2 bottom wheels  
Others Others sensors : Allergens, VOCs, Humidity, Temperature  
Number of filters 4  
Automatic mode    
Night mode    
Air quality indicator    
Sensors Particles + Gas  
Intelligence (auto mode)    
Comfort in use
Control panel Electronical  
LCD screen    
Timer 8h (1h/2h/4h/8h)  h
Delayed start YES  
Weekly program    
Filter change indicator    
Handle Integrated  
Type of plug EUR  
Sound level max 64  dB(A)
Instructions & Manual
Frequent questions
You can go to the setting of your smartphone and check that your smartphone is connected to your home WiFi. Your home WiFi must have an internet connection.
You have to re-do the pairing: in the app, go to My Profile > My appliance > Add a product. The whole pairing process will start.
Some Xiaomi phones may experience problems when connecting. An unusually high number of pop-ups may appear.
The phones affected are those with MIUI system (such as Redmi and Pocophone models).

In this case, please try the following steps:
Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Pure Air > Other permissions. On this page, accept the permission to "Change Wi-Fi connectivity".
Settings > Wi-Fi > Additional settings > Wi-Fi Assistant. On this page, deactivate the available options.
After typing in your password, you encounter an error related to connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

1. Check the Wi-Fi password and carefully re-enter it.
2. Keep your smartphone near the device and internet modem until the connection process is complete.
3. The device can't connect to public networks such as those available in hotels.
4. Android phone: When connecting to the device, a pop-up may appear. During the connection process, the app will automatically connect you to the air purifier. It's important to stay connected to this new network.
Depending on your phone, here are some examples of problems you may encounter:
• If the pop-up tells you that you are going to change network because the one you are connected to does not have internet, refuse.
• If the pop-up asks you if you would like to stay connected to the network without internet, accept.
• If the pop-up tells you that the network does not have internet but does not suggest changing networks, don't do anything.

After several unsuccessful attempts:
• Restart your Wi-Fi box.
• Unplug the air purifier, wait 20 seconds and plug it back in.
If you still encounter an error after several unsuccessful attempts:
• Restart your Wi-Fi box.
• Unplug the air purifier, wait 20 seconds and plug it back in.

If the error persists, it may be due to improper use of the phone:

Android phone:
During the connection process, the app will automatically connect you to the air purifier. It's important to stay connected to this new network.
Depending on your phone, different pop-ups may appear during connection:
• If the pop-up tells you that you are going to change network because the one you are connected to does not have internet, refuse.
• If the pop-up asks you if you would like to stay connected to the network without internet, accept.
• If the pop-up tells you that the network does not have internet but does not suggest changing networks, don't do anything.

When connecting to the device, a pop-up will appear and ask you to connect to the "SEB_ACCESS_POINT" network. Accept by clicking "Join".
If you fail this step several times, restart your phone and try again.
After typing in your password, you encounter an error connecting to the cloud.

• When connecting to the cloud, an internet connection is required to successfully pair the devices. To do so, you can activate your mobile data or automatically reconnect to your home network.
• Ensure that the date and time on your phone are correct. Any difference will prevent the connection.

After several unsuccessful attempts:
• Restart your Wi-Fi box.
• Unplug the air purifier, wait 20 seconds and plug it back in.

After multiple unsuccessful attempts, you can reset your device using the following steps:
• Press the "Timer" and "Allergen Mode" buttons for 8 seconds.
• Then unplug the air purifier for 20 seconds before plugging it back in.
Please verify the following:
• Is your smartphone close enough to your product? If it is too far, your smartphone won't detect the broadcasting of the product Wi-Fi.
• Have you pressed the Wi-Fi button? The Wi-Fi access point stops broadcasting after a few minutes.
• Is the Wi-Fi button blinking? If not, please press again for 3 seconds to the Wi-Fi.
• Please try again the pairing process.

If you have checked the list above and you are still blocked, please do the following (product hard reset):
1) When the product is switched on, press the "Timer" and "Allergen Mode" buttons simultaneously for 8 seconds. You will hear a short beep, indicating that the reset is initiated. The appliance will then emit a long beep before automatically switching off.
2) Unplug the product, wait for 1 minute, and re-plug the product.
3) Switch on the product and press the Wi-Fi button for 3 seconds to broadcast the access point.
4) Go to the setting of the telephone and confirm that you see the Wi-Fi network called 'SEB_accessPoint' (screenshot below).
5) Select the 'SEB_accessPoint' network.
• If your telephone gets connected automatically, please 'remove' this network from the pre-registered Wi-Fi list. After this operation, please verify that this 'SEB_accessPoint' is still present in the Wi-Fi list of your telephone.
• If your telephone asks you a password, then please cancel it. It's a good sign, it means that the application will be able to handle this part.
6) Go back to the app and start again the pairing process.

Note 1: For certain smartphones, after it is connected to the product Wi-Fi ('SEB_accessPoint'), you may see a message asking you to confirm if you want to stay on this network which has no internet connection. At this point, this behavior is normal, because you are connected to the product, which has no internet connection. It will be restored once the product has joined your home Wi-Fi. Therefore, please reply to this question so that you stay connected to this network.

Note 2: If you have a smartphone who has an option of the Wi-Fi assistant "switch between Wi-Fi networks and mobile data when Wi-Fi connection is poor" (such as Xiaomi), please deactivate it. If it is activated when your smartphone is connected to the appliance as an access point, the smartphone will detect that there no internet with this access point (which is normal at this step of the pairing). The smartphone will find another network for you and the application cannot go any further in the pairing process.
Yes, you can disable the Wi-Fi function by pressing the Wi-Fi + Timer buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. To turn it back on, press the Wi-Fi button for 3 seconds.
Your purifier must be connected to the internet via a stable and powerful Wi-Fi network located near the product.
The instability of the Wi-Fi signal may cause disconnections of your product. In this case, please check the internet connection of your Wi-Fi network, restart your box or unplug your product for 20 seconds and then plug it back in.
Check if the product WiFi button is lighted permanently or flashing.
If lighted permanently, it means that the product is correctly connected to your home WiFi, but the Cloud could not associate it with your account. Please try again later.

If still flashing, it means that the product isn't connected to your home WiFi. In this case please check the following elements:

Internet Connection:
- Your Home WiFi has an internet connection?
- If your home WiFi needs a proxy to access internet, the pairing will not work.

- Did you select the correct home WiFi?
- Did you type correctly the home WiFi password? (The maximum length of home Wi-Fi password: 64 characters).
- The SSID that you have typed is incorrect?
- Did you manually enter the WiFi name who has the 5GHz? The product is compatible with 2.4 GHz, not 5GHz.
- Your telephone isn't too far from the home WiFi/product?
- The product isn't too far from the home WiFi/telephone?
- It can be a compatibility issue: please check our list.

If you checked all these elements, and the pairing still does not work, please contact the After Sales service.
The device is compatible with Google Home, Alexa or Alice by Yandex depending on the availability of these services in your country.
Google Home
• On/Off
• Change mode
• Air quality status
• Change speed (for Pure Home / Pure Air City / Intense Pure Air Home models)

• On/Off
• Change mode
• Change speed (for Pure Home / Pure Air City models)

Alice (Pure Air City model only)
• On/Off
• Change speed

For example, try to say: "Ok Google, turn on the air purifier" or "Alexa, put the air purifier on Auto Day mode".
Our Skills (voice applications) are only available on European platforms, and you are probably usin an Amazon US account.
If you want to use our Skill, you need to migrate your account to your official country by following the Amazon procedure.
You can connect the following purifiers with voice assistants:
• Pure Air City
• Pure Air Genius
• Intense Pure Air Connect
• Intense Pure Air Home
• Pure Home
• Eclipse 3in1 Connect
Not at all. You can use your device without connecting it to a voice assistant. It is just an additional feature that allows you to control the device by voice.
On Google Home, Alexa or Alice, find and run the "Rowenta / Tefal Smarthome" Skill then login using the same account used in the Pure Air mobile app.
Your products will be synchronised and you will be able to control them by voice.
No, our products are not compatible with Apple Homekit.
If the time slot is earlier than current time, by default the product will start next day.
In order for your smartphone to detect your WiFi around you, the application needs the location permission as required by Google. If you don't allow this permission, your smartphone won't be able to find your product, and not be able to continue the pairing.
This information will not be stored by Rowenta.
Your location permission can also be used to provide you the outdoor air quality and pollen information around you.
• Obtain accurate information on the air quality in your household as indicated by your air purifier.
• Get information on outdoor air quality, as well as the pollen information according to the location that you determine.
• Switch on/off your air purifier via the app: if you have an internet connection on your smartphone, you can control your product from anywhere.
• Control your product with all its modes.
• Create schedules for yourair purifier.
• Check the filters' conditions. You will be informed when you need to change your filter, which you can buy online without losing time.
• Find out how much pollution, your air purifier has filtered in your home, by translating it into the corresponding number of cigarettes that you would have inhaled.
The home page is composed of 4 different parts:
  1. Outdoor information:
    The app provides you with the information about the outdoor air quality and the pollen of the chosen location: either you accept the geolocalization, or you select your city's name in the app.

  2. Indoor information:
    The app provides you with the real time information about the indoor air quality, coming directly from the air purifier.
    The product has a sensor which measures the air quality. It regularly sends the information to the app via Cloud.

  3. Remote control:
    You can turn the product on/off and change its modes, the light intensity and oscillation (depending on model) using the buttons displayed in the app.

  4. Navigation bar:
    You can consult the following information from the navigation bar.
    • My Air: the main home page.
    • My Profile: to consult legal information, FAQs, after-sales information and change the settings of your account.
    • Scheduling: to set-up your purification routine according to your schedule.
    • Filters: to consult the state of the filter and also buy replacement filters online.
    • More information: to visualize the pollution captured by the product and learn more about the different sources of pollution.

home page of Pure Air app
Yes, you can share your device with another user. New users will need to download the Pure Air app and simply log in with the same account from another smartphone.
Indoor air quality informations are located at the center of app homepage. The data comes directly from the particles and gas sensor.
home page of Pure Air app

The indoor air quality is divided into two part:
  • Particles & allergens
  • Gas & VOC (volatile organic compounds)

The numerical figures correspond to the air quality index (AQI) which can be described as the concentration of polluant in the ambient air.

The cercle is divided into five part and get a level of color going from lowest to highest level of pollution. The colors of the cercle follow the same principal of LED lights coloration.
Indoor air quality page of Pure Air app
The outdoor air quality information are located at the top of app homepage. It describes the air quality of city location and the level pollen present in your city location.

The outdoor air quality contains all the informations about outdoor particles & allergens, Gas & VOC (volatile organic compounds), and pollens.

  • Particles & Allergens: this part shows information about the Particulate Matters (PM2.5 & PM10).

  • Gas & VOC: it summarizes the level of pollution based on Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and Ozone (O3).

  • Pollens: this complies all the informations about 4 types of pollens such as birch, grass, olive and ragweed.
    "NAB" means "National Allergy Bureau", it's the most recognized scale to express the level of pollen in the world.

The numerical figures correspond to the air quality index (AQI) which can be described as the concentration of polluant in the ambient air.

The cercle is divided into five part and get a level of color going from lowest to highest level of pollution. The colors of the cercle follow the same principal of LED lights coloration.
The app is no longer compatible on Android versions 4.4.4 or lower, because of reinforced data security.

As far as possible, we recommend that you update your device to a higher Android version or use another compatible device.

Updates will not only allow you to enjoy a richer experience with new features and compatibility with the latest technology, but will also protect you against possible security vulnerabilities that have been fixed in the latest versions.
You need to go in your application settings to turn it on again and come back.
Follow the 2 instructions below:

1) Allow the location from the application settings:
• You need to press the button 'Go to settings' and activate it.

2) Activate the Google location in the global telephone settings:
• Go to the thelephone settings.
• Type "location" in the search, go to this section.
• Activate the location (ON).
• For those who have the option to choose the location method, select "High accuracy".

Yes, it's normal. Your App needs the Internet to download the content like: Devices, access to legal content pages, schedules...
You can unpair the appliance by one of the 2 methods:
• Delete the appliance via the app.
• Hard reset on the appliance.
  • First of all, please switch off the air purifier and unplug it.

  • You can clean the device with a slightly damp cloth.
    Important: Never use abrasive materials, as they may damage the surface of the product.

  • Clean/replace the filter(s) when necessary.

  • Clean the sensor (inlets) regularly with a vacuum cleaner.
An alert is displayed on the main screens of the air quality box and you will also receive a notification on your mobile app, when:
• The 3-in-1 filter reaches the end of its life.
• The NanoCaptur+ filter needs to be checked.
• The pre-filter needs to be cleaned.

Important: when a filter saturation alert appears on the air quality box screen, click on it or check your mobile app to see which filter needs to be cleaned/replaced.
The pre-filter can be cleaned with a dry cloth.

Frequency of cleaning/replacing the filters
• Pre-filter: clean every 2 to 4 weeks
• 3in1 filter (Pre-filter + Active Carbon + Allergy14): replace every 12 months
• NanoCaptur+ filter: replace according to color changing (see color chart on filter)
The pre-filter (included in the 3-in-1 filter) is the only filter that can be cleaned with a dry cloth. The 3-in-1 filter (which includes the pre-filter, the Active carbon filter and the Allergy14 filter) as well as the NanoCaptur+ filter should be replaced at the end of their life span.
Perform a force reset.
If you replace a filter before the end of its life, access the settings by pressing the navigation button for 3 seconds. Select "Filter management" and follow the instructions to reset the filter.
After following the instructions in the user manual for starting the appliance, make sure that your electrical socket is working by plugging another appliance. If it still does not work, do not try to dismantle or repair the appliance yourself, instead, take it to an approved repair centre
Do not use your appliance. To avoid any danger, have it replaced by an approved repair centre.
Please check the following elements:

1) 5 GHz?
Your smartphone might use 5 GHz network and the product cannot detect it.
Your smartphone can stay on the 5GHz network, but the product must be connected to a 2,4 GHz network. Therefore, you select here a 2,4 GHz network for the product. The pairing will work even you will get back to the 5 GHz network.

- Please check that your internet modem is either 2,4 GHz or a dual band router that is configured to support 2,4 GHz. The product does not support the 5 GHz band.
- How to determine if your router supports the 2,4 GHz band, 5 GHz or both? Sometimes when the dual band is available, there are 2 different networks and they are indicated with names such as 'mynetwork24', 'mynetwork24GHz' or 'mynetwork2-4'.

2) Hidden SSID?
If your network is 'hidden', then you can type manually the SSID (network name) by pressing "Enter SSID".
Please check the internet connection of your home WiFi and if your product is not out of range of your Wi-Fi router.
If there is no problem with the internet connection, please unplug the product, and re-plug after 1 minute of waiting.
Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. Leave it at a local civic waste collection point.
Please go to the “Accessories” section of the website to easily find whatever you need for your product.
Find more detailed information in the Guarantee section of this website.
If you believe that one part is missing, please call Consumer Services Center and we will help you find a suitable solution.