Hard Titanium

Hard Titanium Lasts 2x longer
  • Hard Titanium maintains non-stick performances year after year.

Hard Titanium, built to last!

Hard Titanium long lasting cookware products for all types of cooking. The extra resistant frying pan which lasts twice as long thanks to it's reinforcing Titanium hard base.

A high performance for a frying pan designed for intensive use thanks to its extreme non-stick coating resistant to all types of utensils and to all types of cooking, even the most extreme. It will ensure you successful cooking everyday and will maintain its non-stick performances even after years of intensive use. Quick & easy cleaning is also guaranteed.

  • Thermo-Spot® technology, tells you when to start cooking.
  • Compatible with all hobs, including induction.
  • Stainless steel insert.
  • With the Titanium Pro exclusive non-stick coating, be the perfect cook with products that ally performance and durability, and that will last up to times longer.
  • Thermospot : ideal temperature indicator

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    Titanium pro coating

  • Health and environment : safe non-stick coating

  • Tefal N°1 in cookware

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