KW MASTER SEAL FOOD CONSERVATION All-in-one food container, master for safe microwave heating, master for take away, master for conservation  

Set square red 1.08 L / 0.8 L

One square container base of 1.08 L + one square container base of 0.8 L + one lid

Reference: K2198314

Best to conserve, best to easily and safely reheat food in the microwave, best to take-away to enjoy your meal on the go !

Perfect sealing for a long conservation of food.

  • Exclusive valve for safe microwave heating without removing the lid.
  • Use two container bases with the same lid to create your lunchbox!
  • Multi-usage food containers with long conservation potential, microwavable with the lid, perfect for take-away  

    - Longer conservation thanks to the reversible lid

    - Microwavable without removing the lid thanks to the pattented Thermo Seal Valve

    - Multiple combination, perfect for take-away

  • 3 in 1 : 1 lid + 2 bases = the perfect lunchbox

    Use one lid to cover two container bases and get the perfect lunchbox

  • Master for safe microwave heating

    Thanks to the exclusive pattented Thermo Seal Valve, reheat safely in the microwave
    without removing the lid; it keeps up to 30% more humidity on food, which avoids overdrying

  • Master for take away

    The special locking system (Smart Seal integrated to the container base + clip system in the
    border of the lid) guarantees a perfect solution to take away without mixing your food

  • Master for conservation

    When there is less food in the container, put the lid down to reduce the volume of air, for a longer food conservation
    Perfect stackability thanks to the special design of the product: it also helps to save storage

Other features
Dimension 0,80 L  
Body Material Plastic  
Body Surface Finish Translucent - Mat  
Lid material Plastic  
Dishwasher safe    
Watertight Yes  
Instructions & Manual
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