Pierrade Raclette Inox & Design

Healthy cooking on the stone: with no added fat

  • Smart grill that combines 2 fun functions: Pierrade® and Raclette.

Reference : PR456812

Raclette Inox & Design, fun cooking for warm winter nights!

With Raclette Inox & Design, discover the best of Pierrade® and Raclette at the same time! Place your ingredients on the heating stone to cook them without having to use any oil and melt your cheese in the non-stick pans.

It's easy, and ideal for warming up your winter nights with delicious food!
  • Non-stick pans: built to last and easy to clean.
  • Take it to a friend's house: detach the power cord and you're set to go!
  • Packed with smart accessories: 10 pans, plus a scraper for cleaning the stone.

No added fat or oil

Raclette and pierrade functions

Non-stick pans

Detachable power cord

Accessories included: 10 pans and 1 scraper for cleaning the stone.


American Raclette

Difficulty : Easy
Time : 30min

Traditional Savoyarde raclette

Difficulty : Very easy
Time : 35min

Farmhouse raclette

Difficulty : Very easy
Time : 35min

Goat's cheese raclette

Difficulty : Very easy
Time : 35min

Features - Comparison
Type Raclette
Type of plate Pierrade
Number of pans 10
On/off and preheating light indicators  
Removable cord  

Instructions & Manual
Frequent questions
You can boil mineral water. If there are many minerals in the water, the stainless steel will easily stain (Depending model). We recommend that you periodically clean your kettle.
It may look like there is more space for water, but if you put in over the maximum it was designed for, it may leak when the water boils. Please do not overfill the kettle.
It is depending the kettle size, never use even if the water is below the minimum line on the kettle window.
To reduce water staining and prevent leakage from the kettle tipping over, we recommend that you empty the kettle after use.
After use, switch off and disconnect your appliance, wait until fully cooled before cleaning.
The body of the appliance and the reflector can be wiped with a sponge and washing-up liquid. Don't use a metallic scourer or scouring powder. Never immerse in water.
The heating coil shouldn't be cleaned. If it is really dirty, wait until it has cooled down and wipe with a dry cloth.
Depending on its porosity, each stone is more or less waterproof. If you place the stone in water, it could crack or break when it is next heating. The stone can be wiped with a sponge but avoid use of detergent.
Never put the stone in the dishwasher or immerse in water.
Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or recycled. Leave it at a local civic waste collection point.
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Electric kettles boil the necessary amount for the necessary time and are not usually equipped with features to keep water warm. It boils water very quickly so there is no need to keep water warm.
It isn't a cord-reel type. Please remove and extend the part wound around the plate manually.
Because power consumption is high, it may omit some heat. Use a power plug exclusively for the kettle. If there is enough heat that it could cause a burn or if the plastic is deformed, please stop use, and arrange a repair and inspection.
The internal parts may make noises with the change in temperature. There is nothing wrong with it.
Electric kettles are designed to turn off when they sense steam. This steam may condense and drops of water may fall from the bottom of the handle. This is not a fault. It will also not cause any fault with your kettle.
Immediately after boiling, the sensor that automatically turns the power off will be hot, and the power switch may not operate. Wait until the sensor has cooled and then try again.