Grilling appliances

Tefal offers a wide range of grills: Choose a grill to enjoy your meals in a healthy and fresh way or discover our plancha griddles to perfectly cook your meat and fish.

With our electric barbecues, take all of Tefal's innovation outside for fun time with your family and friends.

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Meat Grill

  • Ultra Compact Grill
    Ultra Compact Grill

    Compact grill for an easy storage

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  • Family Flavour Grill
    Family Flavour Grill

    Grill for the whole family

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  • XL Health Grill Classic
    XL Health Grill Classic

    XL cooking surface to cook for the whole family

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  • Electric Barbecue

  • EasyGrill Contact
    EasyGrill Contact

    Ingenious and efficient barbecue with a plate, a drip collection system and Thermo-spot technology.

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  • EasyGrill

    Efficient and ingenious barbecue that cooks evenly and reduces smoke and odours. 100% detachable for easy cleaning

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  • EasyGrill +
    EasyGrill +

    Convenient and efficient barbecue with reversible grid and even cooking. Drip tray with water to reduce smoke and odours for a pleasant use.

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  • Plancha & Griddle

  • Plancha Détachable
    Plancha Détachable

    Ingenious grip

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  • Plancha des Saveurs
    Plancha des Saveurs

    Power and quickness of heating

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  • Maxi Plancha
    Maxi Plancha

    A Maxi Plancha with Thermo-Spot heat indicator and adjustable thermostat.

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  • Other


    Superb searing and controlled grilling

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