Tefal BLIZZEO CLASSIC user manuals

Reference : WL202100

Instructions & Manual
Frequent questions
No, the appliance only allows still drinking water with no additives to be gasified.
• Never freeze the bottles,
• Do not wash them in the dishwasher,
• Do not use a bottle after the expiry date or if it has any signs of alteration (deformation, scratch, discolouration, etc.),
• Do not gasify an empty bottle.
No, the glass service module is only intended for use on the “Duo” machine.
No, the plastic bottles cannot be washed in the dishwasher. Use warm water (max 40°C) and washing-up liquid to clean them.
• The gasification button has been pressed for too long – only press the button for 1 second max each time.
• The bottle is too full – do not fill the bottle beyond the level indicated on it.
• There is not enough water in your bottle – fill it up to the filling level.
• Your CO2 cylinder is empty – replace it.
• The excess CO2 has not been released – press the decompression button until all the CO2 is released.
• The appliance is still in “Glass” mode (for the “Duo” model) – select the “Bottle” mode and then press the decompression button.
• Your CO2 cylinder is empty – replace it.
• Your cylinder is too cold (e.g.: transported in winter) – wait for the cylinder to reach room temperature.
• The water in the bottle is too hot – use cooler water.
• The cylinder is not correctly inserted – reinsert it.
The unopened cartons do not need to be refrigerated; however, opened concentrates must be kept in the refrigerator.
One carton of concentrate produces 12 litres of drink.