Tefal CLASSIC VT254 user manuals

Keep your food fresh longer!

Keep your food fresh with the touch of a button, thanks to the Vacupack Classic vacuum packing machine. Its Vacuum & Seal automatic process happens in three simple steps: fill the bag and place the open end into the Vacupack Classic, close the lid and press the “Vacuum & Seal” button, then open the lid and remove your vacuum-packed food, ready to go! Included with the vacuum pack machine are 18 bags (ten 22 x 30 cm bags and eight 28 x 35 cm bags).


Reference : VT254070

Instructions & Manual
Frequent questions
After sealing a bag, wait 1 minute before sealing another one.
Do not fill the bag more than 2/3 full and make sure that the sealing area remains clean and dry.
Yes, you can reuse the bags. However, to avoid possible illness, do not reuse the bags after storing raw meat, raw fish or fatty foods.
Do not store the device with the cover locked.
This precaution is intended to avoid deformation of the gaskets that could affect the functioning of the unit.