Rice and Multi-cookers

Tefal offers a wide range of multicookers. They allow to prepare easy, convenient and delicious meal with only one appliance. It is automatic and thanks to multiple cooking modes, will offer you versatility. Cook4me is a multifunctional intelligent cooker, to help you make perfectly executed, fast and tasty meals every day with its intuitive control panel. With Minut' cook prepare fast all kind of meals and reduce time spent in the kitchen preparing meals!

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Rice & Multi Cookers

  • Fuzzy Electronic
    Fuzzy Electronic

    A perfect intelligent Rice/Multicooker with 6 menus at your choices!

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  • 3in1

    3in1 MultiCooker prepares your daily meals easily!

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  • New Classic
    New Classic

    Automatic cooking and keep warm setting at the end of cooking

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  • Electric Pressure Cookers

  • Minut'cook

    So quick, so good. Do nothing, cook everything !

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  • Cook4me

    Intelligent multicooker that guides you to cook your daily meals quickly and easily !

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  • Other

  • COOK4ME +
    COOK4ME +

    Guide you to create delicious meals quickly and easily.

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    One-Pot Connected Cooker, Connect to hundreds of recipes!

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