TEFAL Pro Express

Pro Express
  • High pressure steam & long lasting performances.

High pressure steam generator GV8461 Blue

Pro Express is a high pressure steam generator with long lasting performances thanks to its exclusive anticalc collector, invented by Tefal.
  • Pro Express is equipped with a large and detachable 1,8L water tank, allowing long lasting sessions. 
  • Moreover, depending on models, an additional steam shot allows you to get rid of thoughest creases.
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    Fast and efficient for easy ironing

    High pressure steam & long lasting performances

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    Easy & efficient descaling

    Calc-collector will allow you to remove calc deposits from the boiler in an easy way and ensure a longer life to your ironing appliance

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    Ultragliss Autoclean soleplate

    Autoclean technology: unique patented coating that ensures long-lasting glideability and garment respect. The Autoclean coating actively destroys stains to preserve glideability.

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    Easy and safe transportation

    Patented lock system for easy & safe single-handed transportation

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    Steam turbo to get rid of hard creases

    Your appliance is equipped with a 260g/min turbo boost to easily get rid of the toughest creases.

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    Power cord rewinder

    Easy & safe transportation and storage thanks to the integrated power cord rewinder. No cord is left in the way!

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    Large removable water tank

    Easily refill your appliance thanks to the large removable water tank (1.8L). Thanks to the permanent refill technology, you can refill your appliance at any time without interrupting your ironing session.

High pressure boiler    
Vertical Steam    
Glideability of soleplate *****  
Durability of soleplate / scratch resistance *****  
Concentrated Steam boost at tip of soleplate    
Comfort Handle    
Stable rest hill    
Water tank Removable  
Empty tank detector    
Continuous refilling    
Cord Storage Power cord  
Anti scale function Rinsing system  
Scale collector    
Scale alert    

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These functions means that your steam generator is fitted with an electronic regulation which offers you the perfect temperature and steam combination allowing you to iron all your ironable fabrics without risk and without having to sort them.
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