Tefal Fresh Express Cube and Stick

Fresh Express Cube and Stick The Fresh Express Cube & Stick can shred, slice, dice and chop a variety of fruit and vegetables in seconds!
Electric Mandolin with 5 different chopping functions. Takes the hassle out of fruit & vegetable prep!

Take the hassle out of Food Prep with the Cube & Stick!

This amazing electric mandolin is perfect for precision food preparation as it can speedily prepare cubes and sticks in seconds as well as slice and shred. The Cube & Stick features 5 blade cartridges for each of the different functions, which are easy to clean and store. There is a large feeding spout and the clever design also allows a bowl or plate to be placed directly under the chute for easy collection.

  • The Cube & Stick features a powerful 280W and automatic speed adaptation depending on the blade used.
  • The cutting cartridges fit into a Magnetic Basket which attaches itself to the main unit, meaning no misplaced accessories.
  • The removable lid and cartridges are all dishwasher safe.
  • With five different cone attachments, the Fresh Express Max quickly grates, shreds, slices and dices a variety of fruit, vegetables, cheese and even nuts.

  • A bowl or plate can be placed directly under the chute for easy collection

  • All the attachments can be stored on the unit itself ensuring that they never get misplaced

Direct serve    
Front panel material Plastic  
Accessories storage    
Cord Storage    
Dishwasher safe    

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