Tefal Actis GV6340

Actis GV6340 Light and compact steam generator.

Fast and efficient with real high pressure steam (up to 4.7 bars): up to 3 times more steam than a classic steam iron.
Ready in 2 minutes and you can refill it continuously.

The ultra light high-pressure steam generator

The Actis allows those with smaller homes or limited storage space the chance to experience the unbeatable speed and efficiency of steam generator technology.

The Actis GV6340 uses a smaller boiler to reduce its footprint rather than removing it altogether. This means the Actis steam generator can still offer 4.7 bar, high-pressure steam output. This pressure allows the steam to penetrate into the heart of the material fibres which will help remove even the most difficult creases quickly and easily.
The Actis steam generator’s compact, lightweight design makes it easy to store and to carry. It is perfect for those who do not wish to have a bulky machine but still want a powerful appliance to cut their ironing time.

The GV6340 heats up in just two minutes so it’s ready to go when you’re ready to iron and the generous 1.2L water tank can be continuously refilled. This allows you to fill up the water tank without having to turn the steam generator off and wait for it to cool down before refilling.
For ease of use, the GV6340 is equipped with an Easy Gliding ceramic soleplate as well as Tefal’s patented Easycord system, a smart cord which is designed to fight wear and tear as well as keeping it out of the way whilst ironing.

The Actis also includes an Auto-off function so there's no need to worry about whether the appliance has been turned off. Furthermore, the Actis’ vertical steam function is ideal for getting creases out of suits or other hanging garments and can also be used to de-crease curtains.
The Actis is easy to use with a simple control panel which features a temperature ready light as well as alerts for when the water tank needs refilling and the boiler needs descaling. The GV6340 also features an energy saving ECO mode.

  • With 4.7 bar pressure and 100g/min steam power, Actis will ease your ironing and cut your ironing time.

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    Light and compact, Actis is ideal if you have limited storage space

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    Actis has a scale solution for long-lasting performance.

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    Fast heat-up steam generator: ready in 2 minutes!

Instructions & Manual
Frequent questions
Your appliance features a removable power cord. This power cord must be plugged in under the appliance.
Make sure that it’s securely plugged into its socket. If the problem persists, take your appliance to an authorized repair technician.

The appliance is equipped with an "Auto off" mode, which has been activated.
After 8 minutes of inactivity, the "Auto off" mode is triggered, the ON/OFF button starts blinking, steam is no longer available.
To exit "Auto off" mode, press the ON/OFF button. This will continue to blink for about 2 minutes and then set. The appliance will be ready for use again.
The appliance is equipped with an "Auto off"mode, which automatically stops the product.
After 30 minutes of inactivity, the "Auto off" mode is activated and automatically switches off the appliance. All indicators go out, steam is no longer available.
To restart the product, press the ON/OFF button. This will blink for about 2 minutes and then set. The appliance will be ready for use again.
These functions means that your steam generator is fitted with an electronic regulation which offers you the perfect temperature and steam combination allowing you to iron all your ironable fabrics without risk and without having to sort them.
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