GLASS PREMISS Simplicity and style for all
  • Easy-to-clean glass platform.
  • Automatic on/off.
  • Ultra compact.

Premiss®, the simple yet stylish bathroom scales!


Easy to use, these classic-looking electronic scales provide you with an instantanous weight reading up to 150 kg, and precise to each 100g. Ultra compact with a black- or white-tinted glass platform, Premiss® scales look great in any bathroom. They turn on automatically when you step onto them, and turn themselves off afterwards. Perfect for that quick, daily weight check!
  • Accurate to each 100 g, for extra precision.
  • Automatic on/off.
  • Ultra compact and just 22mm-thick!
  • Easy-to-clean glass platform.
  • Battery included.
  • White- or black-tinted glass platform.






  • 2100062640_B1.png


  • 2100062640_B2.png

    LCD display

  • 2100062640_B3.png

    Slim design

  • easy to clean.jpg

    Easy to clean

Features - Comparison
Capacity 150  kg
n/a n/a
Graduation 100  g
n/a n/a
Weighing platform Tempered glass  
n/a n/a
Dimensions ( ...x...x...) 29x27x2.2  cm
n/a n/a
Colours Pearly White  
n/a n/a
Battery type CR 2032  
n/a n/a
Batteries included    
n/a n/a

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