GLASS CLASSIC Classic yet modern bathroom scales
  • Easy-to-clean glass platform.
  • Automatic on/off.
  • Ultra compact.

A Classic design for any bathroom!

Our Classic bathroom scales represent value for money that has stood the test of time -- they were the market bestseller in 2013! Their ultra-classic yet modern design means they look great in any bathroom, while their easily-readable display tells you your weight almost as soon as you step onto them!  
  • Switch on automatically as soon as you step onto the platform.
  • Instant reading on large LCD display, with 35mm-high digits for easy visibility.
  • Extremely easy-to-clean glass platform.
  • Just 22 mm thick, for easy and practical storage.
  • Accurate to each 100 g, and up to 160 kg. Require Lithium 2032 batteries (supplied).


*Statistics from an independent French laboratory - SO 2013

  • 2100062619_B1.png


  • 2100062619_B2.png

    Easy to clean glass platform

  • 2100062619_B3.png

    Slim design

Features - Comparison
Capacity 160  kg
n/a n/a
Graduation 100  g
n/a n/a
Weighing platform Tempered glass  
n/a n/a
Dimensions ( ...x...x...) 29x30x2.2  cm
n/a n/a
Colours Blue  
n/a n/a
Battery type CR 2032  
n/a n/a
Batteries included    
n/a n/a

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