INSTANT COMPACT IS3380  Effortless & Fast steaming to remove creases

Efficient & effortless steaming in a compact design

Tefal Instant Compact Garment Steamer has been specially designed to remove creases from all types of fabrics with ease. This compact and highly efficient steamer is equipped with features for exceptional convenience, and also can be used to refresh or sanitize any garment.

High-efficiency steaming in a compact package

Tefal Instant Compact Garment Steamer smoothes wrinkles and removes creases from any fabric with utmost ease. Suitable for both last minute touch ups and intensive steaming sessions, this high-efficiency steamer is a great time-saver with a start-up time of just 60 seconds. There's no need now for an ironing board or endless trips to the dry cleaner. Compact in size, yet highly efficient, this steamer is equipped with features for exceptional convenience and ease-of-use, and can also be used to refresh or sanitize sofas, curtains and sheets, in addition to garments. 
  • A removable base means no more steam hose length constraint. 
  • Benefiting from 1500W of intense power and a steam output of 30 g/min for deep diffusion through the fibers, this garment steamer will save you both time and energy.




  • Patented Press & Steam

    Unique Vertical Support provides a flat surface to press the garment against and hold it in place when steaming, for an effortless steaming session.

  • Time-Saving

    No need to go to the dry cleaner. Reduces linen care sessions length with no need to spend time on setting up an ironing board and fast heat up time of 60 seconds.

  • Ease of Use

    Simple On/Off setting and 1-liter water tank with continuous refill that allows up to 30 minutes of steaming, perfect for intensive steaming sessions and last minute touch-ups. Removable base to easily steam long clothes, sofas, curtains, sheets... with no more steam hose length constraint!


  • Refreshes & Sanitizes

    Power of 1500W and steam output of 30 g/min allow deep diffusion through the fibers to refresh and sanitize all kind of garments  

  •  Adapted to all fabrics

    2 levels of steam output to remove creases on all kind of fabrics, even the most delicate

  • Accessories

    2 accessories included: Fabric brush that opens the weaves of the fabric for better steam penetration, ideal to remove creases on thick fabrics, and a glove for hand protection.

  • Long-Lasting Performance

    Easy descaling solution through rinsing system 

Features - Comparison
Power 1500  W
1700  W
1500  W
Steam output 30  g/min
35  g/min
30  g/min
Steam head Metal  
Heat-up time 60  s
45  s
60  s
Heat up time 01  min
n/a n/a
Adjustable pole Simple  
Steam Setting 2 in the base  
5 levels  
Hanger hook    
Integrated vertical support Press and Steam  
Press and Steam  
Water tank capacity 001.00  L
1,7  L
1  L
Autonomy 30  min
50  min
30  min
Accessories Fabric Brush, Spacer  
Fabric Brush, Lint pad, Crease Attachment  
Fabric brush, Spacer  
Colours Black / silver  
Red & white  

Instructions & Manual