TEFAL ROBOT EXPLORER Serie 80 Vacuum Cleaner

ROBOT EXPLORER Serie 80 Vacuum Cleaner The smartest robot* for tailor-made cleaning

The Tefal Explorer Serie 80 Robot Vacuum Cleaner puts tailor-made cleaning performance within reach, for an easy-to-use automatic cleaning solution that leaves your entire home spotless. Discover the perfect automatic vacuum cleaner package: high-precision navigation, cutting-edge technology, and a highly intuitive user-friendly interface including smartphone app, adding an unprecedented level of quality to your personalized cleaning experience.

The Tefal EXPLORER Serie 80 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Bringing together advanced technology with user-friendly controls, the Tefal EXPLORER Serie 80 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an expert cleaning solution that covers your entire home with total ease. Discover a go-anywhere automatic vacuum cleaner that delivers ultra-accurate navigation and personalized settings, saving time through an easy and intuitive user-friendly experience. Cutting-edge technology is matched by performance: the Aqua Force system mops the floor while vacuuming, an Animal Turbo Brush takes care of fur and animal mess, a high-performance filter is ideal for people who suffer from allergies, and so much more. Discover dependable deep-cleaning results made effortless with the Tefal Robots app (for iOS and Android) and automatic WiFi connectivity.

*By Tefal

  • Easy tailor-made cleaning

    Enhanced technology ensures ultra-accurate navigation, permanent mapping and personalized settings—for automatic cleaning that covers every inch of your home with total ease.

  • Convenient mopping

    A robot vacuum cleaner enhanced with the Aqua Force system, taking cleaning one step further by mopping while vacuuming to remove fine particles.

  • Animal care feature

    Designed to meet the needs of pet owners, the high-efficiency Animal Turbo Brush captures fur, hair and all kinds of animal mess.

  • High-performance filter

    A robot vacuum cleaner ideal for people who suffer from allergies, the high-performance filter offers a high level of air and dust separation.

  • Smartphone compatibility

    The Tefal Robots app makes the robot vacuum cleaner experience easier and more intuitive than ever, with full compatibility on iOS and Android and a wide range of services (cleaning, scheduling, maintenance, and more).

  • Easy set-up and connections

    Automatic WIFI connection offers a quick and painless set-up process, to get you started and cleaning in no time.

  • Versatile cleaning

    Clean into every last nook and cranny of your living space, across both hardwood floors and carpets, for versatile cleaning that covers every surface and terrain.

  • User-friendly cleaning

    3 power modes (Eco, Standard, Boost) offer a device that couldn't be easier to use, for an automatic cleaning experience like no other.

Technology Rotative central brush  
Type of brush Rubber brush  
Lateral brush 2  
Motorization Universal motor  
Cleaning modes Auto, Spot  
Power levels 3  
Vacuum efficiency 2-3  
Your habits Automatic and effortless cleaning  
Multi-room management    
Obsctacles management Laser camera  
Stairs management Yes: 3 drop sensors  
Virtual barrier Yes: via Application  
Type of navigation Smart (camera and laser)  
Home mapping    
Wifi connectivity (app Rowenta robots and vocal assistants)    
Battery type Lithium ion  
Recharging time 180 min  
Autonomy 90 min  
Running time (min position) 90 min  
Recharging type Docking station  
Charge and Go    
Control system Yes: application  
Dust container capacity 0,25  L
Filtration High performance filter  
Talking robot No  
Others Vacuuming and mopping at the same time  
Sound Level 70  dB(A)
Dimensions ( ...x...x...) 34x34x9,7  cm
Colours Black  
Type of plug EUR  
Additional included accessories Water tank, mop  
Allergy care    
Animal care    

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