Kitchen knives and cutlery

Tefal features a wide range of kitchen knives that will suit all your needs!

Go Classic, essential knives to cut all ingredients. Choose Comfort Touch for great knives with a soft grip for a guaranteed comfort. Relax with Zen Ceramic, excellent knives for a safer and more hygienic experience.

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  • Classic knives
    Classic knives

    The traditional knives collection

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  • Comfort touch knives
    Comfort touch knives

    Knives collection with soft round handle

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  • Zen ceramic knives
    Zen ceramic knives

    Safe & Hygienic ceramic knives

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  • Ingenio stainless steel knives
    Ingenio stainless steel knives

    Best in class performance with the perfect usage control 

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  • Ingenio ceramic knives
    Ingenio ceramic knives

    Ever high cutting performance with the safest usage

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    The Universal sharpener for maintaining and repairing all your stainless steel knives*

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  • Comfort knives
    Comfort knives

    The best essential knife with the maximum comfort usage

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