Tefal Crep'party Simply Invents

Crep'party Simply Invents 3 functions: 6 mini pancakes, large pancake and grill
  • Comes with two removal plates: one for a large pancake and grill and the other to make up to 6 pancakes at once.

Crep'party Simply Invents, simply the best!

Take a close look at Crep'party Simply Invents, a smart pancake maker that comes with 2 Prometal non-stick plates to grill any ingredient and make crepes or pancakes at the same time! One plate can be used to grill ingredients on the side while you cook your pancake in the middle, while the other can be used to cook up to 6 pancakes at once!

It's fun and ideal for your parties!
  • Features Tefal's innovative Thermo-Spot® technology, the light turns to solid red once the pancake maker is hot and ready.
  • The two plates feature Prometal non-stick coating - 3x more resistant than even a standard Tefal coating.
  • Easy to use: use the thermostat to select the right temperature.
  • Packed with smart accessories: spatulas, measuring ladles and batter-spreader.
  • Convenient and easy to store: lift the plate for easy storage of your accessories, plates and removable power cord.
  • Thermo-Spot®: turns solid red when the appliance is perfectly preheated and ready to cook

  • The plates come with a PROMETAL non-stick coating. 3 times more resistant than even the standard Tefal® coating

  • 2 plates and 3 functions: multi-pancake, grill and pancake

  • Easy, compact storage system for accessories and plates

  • Simply adjust the thermostat to find the right temperature for whatever you're cooking

  • Detachable power lead for easy storage

  • Accessories included: spatulas, measuring ladle and batter spreader

Features - Comparison
Accessories 6 plastic spatulas. 1 ladle. 1 wooden spatula. 1 dough spreader  
6 spatulas and 1 measuring laddle  
Main Function Crepes  
Removable plates    
Adjustable thermostat    
Thermo-Spot® indicator    
Accessories storage Integrated drawer  
Integrated drawer  
Removable Cord    
Non stick coating Yes  
Dishwasher safe    
Dishwasher safe - details Plates and accessories  
Spatulas and measuring laddle  
On/Off Switch    
Colours Purple  
Black & Inox  

Instructions & Manual
Frequent questions
The heating coil is not to be cleaned. If it is really dirty, wait until it has cooled down and wipe with a dry cloth.