TEFAL MAISON Stainless steel / Chalkboard Black

TEFAL MAISON Stainless steel / Chalkboard Black The perfect combination between tradition & modern tones for delicious homemade breakfasts
  • The stylish 4-slot toaster features a curved design & stainless steel accents for an attractive addition to your kitchen.
  • Perfect for the entire family, toasting thick and thin slices of bread alike.

Blend the old with the new with Tefal Maison!

A stylish addition to your kitchen, the Tefal Maison 4-slot toaster comes with a unique angled design that breathes a new life into your kitchen appliances. The satin black texture combined with urban brushed stainless steel will stand out beautifully on your countertop.
  • Its chalkboard black color - selected for its innate solidity and timeless feel - marries the emotive hues of historic rituals with the contemporary tones of modern life to create a quintessentially British mood.
  • Ideal for the whole family, the Tefal Maison 4-slot toaster comes with all functions you need.
  • Extra wide slots allow you to toast bread of any size, while automatic centering and a 7-level browning control guarantee perfect browning whatever your tastes.
  • Rounding it all off are 3 functions with light indicators: a cancel setting to immediately stop the toasting cycle at any time, a defrost setting to directly toast frosted bread without having to first defrost, and a reheat setting to warm up previously toasted snacks.
  • A dedicated high-lift button helps you easily remove even the smallest pieces of toast, while two removable crumb trays and cord storage keep things clean and tidy.



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    Extra wide slots

    4-slot toaster: ideal for thick and thin slices of bread

  • default

    3 illuminated settings

    Cancel, defrost & reheat settings with LED indicators

  • default

    Customized toasting

    7 browning levels for desired results

  • default

    High-Lift Lever

    Easily remove even the smallest toast

  • default

    Independent chambers

    2 or 4 slices for a better convenience. All settings (cancel, defrost and reheat) can also be used independently

  • default

    Removable crumb trays

    Two crumb trays to easily clean your toaster

  • default

    Cord storage

    To keep your countertop clean and tidy

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