Pans and pots

For your every day cooking, Tefal provides a whole set of pots and pans that will suit all your needs. Thanks to Tefal constant and permanent innovation, you will find your perfect match for delicious and healthier meals for perfect moments to share.

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Start Cooking

  • Extra

    Easy to use every day

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  • Pancake pans
    Pancake pans

    Decorative pancake pans

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  • Ingenio Thermocoach essential
    Ingenio Thermocoach essential

    Ideal start temperature for the best results!

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  • Cooking Made Easier

  • Duetto

    Smart for an easy use

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  • So Intensive
    So Intensive

    Lasts up to 2 times longer*

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  • Ingenio So Intensive
    Ingenio So Intensive

    Intensive cooking made simple and safe in a click! 

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  • Expert Cooking

  • Hero

    Designed to last

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  • Hard Titanium
    Hard Titanium

    Lasts 2x longer

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  • Ingenio Expertise
    Ingenio Expertise

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  • Inspiring Cooking

  • Ceramic Control
    Ceramic Control

    The perfect frying pans for searing food and providing crispy results

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  • Emotion

    Trendy for more pleasure

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  • Pro Selection
    Pro Selection

    Sophisticated, contemporary designed cookware with durable performance and a beautifully designed stainless steel handle.

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  • Cooking like Jamie Oliver

  • Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel
    Jamie Oliver Stainless Steel

    The hard-wearing non-stick cookware for everyday cooking

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  • Jamie Oliver Professional Non-stick Induction
    Jamie Oliver Professional Non-stick Induction

    A professional touch for everyday use

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  • Jamie Oliver Tefal Stainless Steel Professional Series
    Jamie Oliver Tefal Stainless Steel Professional Series

    The easy-to-use stainless steel series with a professional look

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