Intelligent multicooker that guides you to cook your daily meals quickly and easily !

  • With it's intuitive and smart control panel, it guides you step by step to cook pre-programmed recipes and single ingredients.

Reference : CY701860

Let Cook4me guides you to cook fast and tasty meals!

Take a close look at Cook4me, your own personal cooking assistant! It comes with over 85 pre-programmed recipes and guides you step by step to cook tasty meals for up to 6 people. At the push of a button, cook a variety of meals and reduce time spent in the kitchen!

  • To cook a specific ingredient, simply select it on the digital screen, click and Cook4me cooks it for you.
  • 5 cooking settings allow you to pressure-cook, steam, brown, simmer, or reheat your meals.
  • No need to monitor. When the meal is ready, the cooker keeps it warm until it's time to eat!
  • Safe to use: features cool-touch handles for a totally safe cooking experience.
  • Easy to clean: the removable pot and steam basket are dishwasher compatible.

Thanks to its digital screen, Cook4me guides you to cook your meals perfectly according to the ingredients, their weight and the number of guests

Cook4me allows you to rapidly pressure cook, steam, brown, reheat, and keep warm. It delivers great results everytime!

Fast and without monitoring: Over 50 recipes cooked in 15 minutes or less (without the preheating time)

Easy and convenient: One-step lid opening and closing. Easy clean, non-stick removable cooking pot with cool-touch handles


Portuguese Rice

Difficulty : Very easy
Time : 26min

Spaghetti Milanese

Difficulty : Very easy
Time : 23min

Saffron Rice with Seafood

Difficulty : Very easy
Time : 26min

Steamed Potatoes

Difficulty : Very easy
Time : 37min

Caribbean Pork and Pineapple Curry

Difficulty : Easy
Time : 20min

Pilau Rice

Difficulty : Very easy
Time : 31min

Risotto Milanese

Difficulty : Very easy
Time : 36min

Steamed Spinach

Difficulty : Very easy
Time : 22min

Asparagus in Soured Cream Sauce

Difficulty : Easy
Time : 27min

Program options Ingredients, Recipes, Manual cooking, Favorite
Cooking Modes Quick cooking, steaming, browning, reheating, keeping warm
Keep warm  
Pre-programmed recipes 86 recipes, a step by step guide
Control panel Full color LCD screen
Automatic keep warm  
High and low pressure  
Adjustable timer  
Delayed Start  
Inner pot coating Non-stick coating
Removable bowl  
Bowl capacity (L) 6 L
Steam basket  
Recipe book  
Removable cord  
Power (W) 1,200 W
Color Black and stainless steel
Instructions & Manual
Frequent questions
A Class I appliance must necessarily be earthed (and has only one insulation layer). A Class II appliance does not necessarily have to be earthed because it has two distinct and independent insulation layers.
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After following the instructions in the user manual for starting the appliance, make sure that your electrical socket is working by connecting another appliance. If it still does not work, do not try to dismantle or repair the appliance yourself and take it to an approved repair centre.