VALENCIA  A convenient and secure plancha and grill which is easy to clean
  • Thermo-Spot® Technology: the indicator turns solid red when the appliance is perfectly preheated and ready to cook.

Reference : CB671816

Plancha Valencia, practical and tasty grilling!

Say Hola! to Plancha Valencia! A smart plancha that is great to cook with and so easy to clean. Unplug its electrical component and the whole unit becomes dishwasher safe. Thanks to its adjustable thermostat, you can cook all sorts of ingredients like meat and fish or even eggs and vegetables. Its integrated Thermo-Spot® technology makes it simple to use, as the flashing light turns to solid red when it's time to cook.

  • With Plancha Valencia, it's grilling made fun!
  • Cooking plate distributes the heat evenly, for perfect results.
  • Healthy cooking thanks to its removable juice tray. With its non-stick die-cast aluminum plates, there is no need to add fat or oil.
  • Easy to clean: once you unplug the electric unit, the whole plancha/griddle is dishwasher compatible.
  • 1,600W: heats up quickly and delivers perfectly cooked meals.

Thermo-Spot® Technology


Even heating surface with 1600 W power for perfectly cooked food

Cooking without additional oil or fat: non-stick cooking surface and drip tray for collecting cooking juices


Multi-position adjustable thermostat for adjusting the cooking temperature for all types of food: meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, etc.


Easy cleaning: dishwasher-safe once electrical part removed


1/3 griddle 2/3 grill: delicate ingredients and grill


Removable electrical unit with power light

Automatic cooking system    
Removable plates    
Removable juice tray    
Dishwasher safe    
Removable electric resistance    
Barbecue position Not Applicable  
On/Off Switch    
Adjustable thermostat    
Body Thermoplastic  
Vertical storage    
Safety edge    
Pilot light    
Cord Storage    

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