COOK4ME + Guide you to create delicious meals quickly and easily.

The Cook4me is a smart multicooker featuring an intuitive, intelligent control panel to guide you through its four helpful menus :

- Ingredients
- Recipes
- Manual
- Favorites

Featuring six cooking settings, and 150 pre programmed recipes, Cook4me is the perfect cooking assistant for quick, easy meals. Simply select, click and follow, step by step.

Cook4me, the intelligent multicooker that guides you to cook your daily meals quickly and easily !

With the Cook4me smart multicooker, enjoy your very own personal kitchen assistant. Featuring four menus, it guides you step by step to quick, easy, perfectly cooked meals : Ingredients : To cook a specific ingredient, simply select it on the digital screen, click and Cook4me cooks it for you. Recipes : With 150 pre programmed savory and sweet recipes, Cook4me guides you step by step to cook tasty meals for up to 6 people. Manual : Cook your own recipe with its different cooking settings. No need to monitor, it remains safe and keeps food warm once cooked until it's time to eat! Favorites : Your favorite meals at your finger tips.
  • The intelligent multicooker

    With its intuitive and intelligent control panel, Cook4me becomes your personal cooking assistant, guiding you step by step through its four menus and its 150 pre programmed recipes.


  • Follow the guide

    150 pre programmed recipes, to cook your meals quickly and easily on a daily basis. Its intuitive screen assists you to perfectly cook your dishes based on ingredients, weight or number of guests.

  • Fast and no need to monitor

    Thanks to the pressure cooking mode, prepare your meals in a short time and follow the instructions on screen to make your favorite recipes. No need to monitor, the cooking is automatic. Delayed start to make sure your meals are ready on time.

  • Capacity

    • 6L.
    • From 2 to 6 servings.

  • Easy and practical

    One step opening and locking lid. Easy cleaning, non-stick removable cooking pot. Dishwasher safe bowl and steam basket.

Technology Standard  
Control panel Full color LCD  
Pressure cooking    
Keep warm    
Adjustable temperature    
Delayed start    
DIY Chef setting    
Removable bowl    
Safety device for overpression    
Accessories Steam basket  
Dishwasher safe    

Instructions & Manual
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